As you might know that recently Facebook pulled whatsapp down from the Windows phone store. The reason was that many people were noticing bugs in this app. But now Facebook has made it available again. So now you can enjoy Whatsapp on windows phones. If you want to download it now, go to the windows phone store and search for whatsapp and download it.
Many people were frustrated with this decision of pulling down Whatsapp but it seems that they read reviews on internet because they made it available sooner than we thought. The new Whatsapp application 2.11.490 has been updated with new features that users were able to use only on other smartphones like Android and iOS. So i think Facebook has realized that they should try to provide same features to all the smartphone owners. Thank you facebook for putting whatsapp back on windows app store. Now you need not worry about other methods of installing whatsapp on windows phones like XAP installation of whatsapp. Thanks to Facebook and kudos to all the windows phone owners.

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