I watched Triangle for the 5th or 6th time yesterday. There is something about this film that makes me want to come back to it. It, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated movies of all time. The IMDb score for Triangle is 6.9, which is average – Another reason you should not rely solely on IMDb while hunting down good movies. The RottenTomatoes score is good though, and that is what made me watch this movie for the first time. The reason behind the low IMDb score is that people did not get the film. To be honest, it is not that hard to understand. This film has many themes that are intertwined with one another. It’s much deeper than what most of the people think. On the outside, it looks like an average film with some cool ideas. But there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. To understand the symbolism, one needs to watch it carefully and look for the clues and hints that are scattered throughout the film. So I will try to explain this film to those who did not understand the symbolism and meaning of this film. Please bear in mind that I am not going to explain the whole film, just the main point. But it will definitely help you out.

Triangle: Plot in a Nutshell

Jess (Melissa George) joins her friends for a Yacht trip on the Atlantic Ocean.  The weather turns bad and they come across an abandoned Ship named Aeolus. They board the ship looking for people but don’t find anyone. Soon, strange things start happening and some of them die. Jess comes to know that a girl who looks exactly like her is killing others. She does not know who the girl is. But soon she realizes that she is stuck in a time loop. She somehow breaks the loop and goes back home only to find another version of her at home. She kills the other Jess and tries to take her son to safety thinking she has finally broken the time-loop.

But their car crashes into a truck that results in her son’s death. She realizes that these things have happened before. This is a part of another time loop. So she goes back to the Yacht again, thinking, she can save her son by avoiding the accident next time. She remembers everything until the time she takes a nap on the Yacht. Then she forgets everything and the time-loop repeats.

Triangle Movie Symbolism Explained

The key to understanding the film is the word – Sisyphus

Try to remember the scene where they talk about Sisyphus, Son of Aeolus. If you don’t remember this character being mentioned then you need to watch the film again. Triangle will start making sense when you have understood the story of Sisyphus. Apart from the story, the name of Aeolus appears somewhere else. It is the name of the mysterious ship they board. It is very important to understand who Sisyphus and Aeolus were.

Let me narrate to you, the story of Sisyphus.

Sisyphus once made a promise to death but broke it. Angered by his actions, death punished him by giving him a task. He had to move a rock up a hill. But as soon as he reached the top, the rock would fall to the bottom again. And he would have to take it to the top again. This was a never-ending task because as soon as he reached the top, the rock would fall back to the starting place and he would do it all over again. It was an infinite loop.

Is it starting to make some sense now? This is exactly what’s happening in Triangle.

Jess was a bad and abusive mother so she was being punished.

Do you remember the scene where the Taxi driver tells her that he’d keep the meter running and wait for her to come back? She says she would come back but breaks her promise like Sisyphus did. She thinks she can save her son. So she goes back to the yacht and is stuck in this loop forever.

The taxi driver you see in the end represents the devil or the ferryman who wants to take her away. It would have stopped if she had kept her promise and went to the Taxi driver. The beginning of the movie is not actually the starting point of the film. No one knows when the loop started.

Now, the good thing about art is that everyone can have his own interpretation. There are so many theories but this one made the perfect sense to me.

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