I am sure most of you have seen “The Lord of The Rings” Movies or at least read the novel. I have read the novels many times and watched the movies more than 25 times (The whole series, that makes it 81 movies and every movie is 3-4 hours in length. and I have the Extended Edition). There must be something great in this movie that is why it has such a huge fan following and universal critical acclaim. It is often considered one of the greatest movie of all time (Yes, It is a single film divided into tree parts).

So, today I am going to share The 10 best The Lord of The Rings moments. It is very difficult to choose the 10 best moments in The Lord of The Rings because it is epic from beginning to end. Still, I will try my best. Please bear in mind that this list is based on my personal choices but you can also leave your views in the comments section below. So let me start by giving you a basic idea of the plot.

The Plot of The Lord of The Rings

The Lord of The Rings - The Return of The King
The Lord of The Rings – The Return of The King

The Lord of The Rings is a set of 3 fantasy and fiction novels written by the father of Modern Fantasy – J.R.R Tolkien. It was published in 1954-55, 17-18 years after The Hobbit. It is the second most selling novel of all time (more than 150 million copies). The movies were directed by Peter Jackson.

It is the story of a Magical Ring that has the power to destroy the world. The Ring was forged in Mordor, in the depths of Mount Doom by The Dark Lord Sauron. He forged the ring to destroy the Middle Earth and control all the other Rings of Power. Sauron was destroyed during the War with The Last Alliance of Men and Elves when Isildur of Gondor took his Father’s sword Narsil and used it to slice off Sauron’s finger (Ring finger). Sauron’s body was destroyed but his spirit endured. The Ring of Power had the ability to bring him back. So as a precaution, Isildur takes the Ring but the Ring deceives him and goes from one place to another until a Hobbit (a human like creature) finds it. The name of the Hobbit is Bilbo Baggins and he lives in The Shire. Bilbo played an important role in The Hobbit and found the Ring during “Riddles in The Dark” (A chapter in The Hobbit). After celebrating his 111th Birthday, Bilbo leaves The Shire and heads for Rivendell (Home of the Elves). He leaves the Ring behind for Frodo (next in his line). Gandalf (A Wizard) tells Frodo that the Rings must be destroyed because it is Enemy’s weapon which has the power to bring back the Dark Lord and destroy the world. The Ring can not be destroyed anywhere but the only place where it was forged i.e. Mount Doom (A volcano). Now, it is Frodo’s task to take the Ring to Mount Doom and destroy it.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the story, you can read the novel or watch the movie to know more. I am not going to spoil it for you.

Now lets start this list of Best Lord of The Rings moments.

Top 10 Moments in The Lord of The Rings

Given below is the list of Best The Lord of The Rings moments.

NOTE: I have updated the list.

The Last Charge – For Frodo

For Frodo

15- City of Minas Tirith (The Return of The King)

city of minas tirith

Magnificent ! This was my reaction when the city of Minas Tirith was shown in its full view for the first time.

15- Ents attacking Isengard  (The Two Towers)


Ents are amazing. Such an epic scene. Peter Jackson did a great job here.

14- Aragorn’s Return to Helm’s Deep (The Two Towers)

Aragorn return dead

It is always good to see Aragorn. He his one hell of a warrior and I love him. Viggo Mortenson did a wonderful job as Aragorn.

13- Gollum’s Split Personality (The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers & The Return of The King)

When Gollum made his first appearance in the Fellowship of The ring, I was astonished to see such a beautiful creation of CGI. There is no limit to CGI, you can do wonderful things with it but all you need to do is imagine the beautiful things.

gollum lord of the rings

12- Legolas’s Acrobatics (The Return of The King)

legolas acrobatics oliphant

11- Lightning of The Beacons & Mustering of Army (The Return of The King)

beacons of gondor

A great way to convey your message, isn’t it?

10- The Battle of Helm’s Deep (The Two Towers)

battle of helms deep

Probably the best moment in The Two Towers. When orcs try to attack Helm’s Deep with their army of tens of thousands of orcs, The army of Rohan gives a solid fight to them and thus earn the respect of many.

When we thought that they would die a horrible death, Gandalf (The Grey) comes with an army and they win the battle.

9- You Shall Not Pass (The Fellowship of The Ring)

Believe it or not, there is no other actor who can do this scene in the way Sir Ian McKellen did. He is the perfect guy for this scene.

you shall not pass

8- Go Home, Sam (The Return of The King)

go home sam

One of the most emotional scenes in The Lord of The Rings. I mean Sam did everything for Frodo, things that no other friend could do and in return Frodo tells him to go back.

7- The Last Fight and Fall of Barad-Dur – The Eye (The Return of The King)

fall of barad dur

This is one of the greatest moments in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. When Frodo was busy destroying the ring and all the Army of Mordor was ready to Kill the mankind, Aragorn gives a speech, a brilliant and inspirational speech.

6- Home Is Behind, The World Ahead (The Return of The King)

I started crying when this scene came up. Lord Denethor tells pippin to sing a song and pippin sings this song. Peter Jackson comes to action and does a wonderful job with the music director Howard Shore and makes it one of the best moments in the Lord Of The Rings. Very, Very emotional moment.

home is behind the world ahead

“Home is behind, the world ahead… And there are many paths to tread. Through shadow, to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight… Mist and shadow, cloud and shade, all shall fade… all… shall… fade…”

Peter Jackson depicted the blood of soldiers in a beautiful and tragic way.

5 -The Epic Battle of Minas Tirith (The Return of The King)

The whole battle of Minas Tirith was amazing. Flying dragons, Oliphants, ghosts, Kings and men – all at once place fighting for their own survival. This is the greatest battle shown in any movie, Period !

battle of pelennor fields

If you want to see how Epic The Lord of The Rings is, just watch this scene. I have never seen an army as big as shown in this battle scene. All the credit goes to CGI Team, Peter Jackson, Editors and Howard Shore. Really the greatest battle scene in any movie and one of the best moments in lord of the rings.

4- Frodo Leaving The Middle Earth with Elves (The Return of The King)

Frodo Leaving

I cried during this scene, why did he have to go? I was hoping he had stayed with them forever. No more comments.

3- Ride of The Rohirrim & King Théoden’s Speech (The Return of The King)

ride of the rohirrim

This is the power of great dialogues. King Théoden makes one hell of a speech before charging.

“Arise! Arise, Riders of Théoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day… a red day… ere the sun rises! and all say Death ! Death ! Death ! Death !”

2- I Cant Carry it For You But I Can Carry You (The Return of The King)

I can carry you

I was thinking that Frodo wouldn’t be able to enter Mount Doom but Sam proved me wrong.  This is what bravery and friendship is about. This scene teaches us a lesson – A friend in need is a friend indeed.

1- My Friends, You bow To No one (The Return of The King) | The Best The Lord of The Rings Moment

This the greatest moment in The Lord of The Rings trilogy. No matter how many times I watch this movie. The impact of this scene is always the same – I start crying.

You bow to no one

When Aragorn becomes the king, everyone bows before him but he bows before the hobbits and everyone follows him. Then again Peter Jackson comes to action and shows us only 4 Hobbits standing and everyone bowing before them. Then Aragorn says “My Friends, You Bow to No One”and suddenly you start crying.

This scene means so much to me and I have no words to describe this scene.

So this is it guys. I tried so hard to  make this list. Leave your comments about your Top 10 moments from The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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