I wrote my RBI Grade B Mains (Phase II) exam today. It was a privilege to sit in the exam, since I was not hoping to clear Phase I (Pre) in the first place. I mean, out of 3 lac candidates, only 3200 were selected to write mains and I was one among them. I was not hoping for a good performance in Phase II as I had not covered the syllabus but I attempted more questions than I hoped to attempt. The exam was not too difficult but it becomes difficult when you are fighting for mere 70 seats with 3 lac candidates.

The first paper was Economics and Social Issues which started at 10 AM and went on till 11:30 AM. After that second exam was Descriptive English which started at 11:30 and ended at 1 PM. After that, I had Finance and Management which started at 3:30 PM and ended at 5 PM. Overall, the difficulty level of the exam was moderate. Anybody, who had read the newspaper for the entire year could have done the questions. The questions were conceptual in nature. There was one question – What is the value of Goods and Services produced in a year called? It was not given whether it was within the Physical boundaries of the country or not. Both, GDP and GNP were in the option. it was confusing. Given below are some of the questions

Paper 1 – Economics and Social Issues

The 1 markers were easy and anyone who followed the newspaper on a daily basis could have done them. I am sharing a few questions here.

1- A passage about Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan movement in Rajasthan that led to the enactment of the RTI Act, 2005. Questions related to the movement were asked. It was a difficult question. I don’t think 95% (including me) of the candidates knew the history of RTI.

2- Questions about Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Bill (26 weeks paid leave for women employees) and how it will affect startups.

3- Questions about Abolishment of Foreign Investment Promotion Board which was done recently by the Union Cabinet.

4- Questions about Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003. Those who read Economic Survey must have done it as it was easy.

5- Questions about HRIDAY Scheme were asked.A hypothetical scenario was given and the solution was demanded. It was related to Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission.

6- Questions about Abolishment of five-year plans and launch of the three-year action plans. Question about the vision document was asked.

7- Question about the vision document was asked.

Paper 2 – Descriptive English

There were Three questions in this section.

1) You had to write an essay about one of the four topics that were given. The topics were – Non Performing Assets and the steps to tackle the Issue, Digitization, and Ransomware Attack. I don’t remember the other two.

2) You had to write a Precis. It was about the history of Gold and Paper Currency.

3) Comprehension based questions.

Paper 3 – Finance and Management

F&M was the toughest section. There were numerical related to Balance Sheet and Bonds. There were numerical about the Time value of money, Stocks and Zero Coupon bonds. Management portion was very confusing; some questions were very easy and some were tough.Question about BASEL II norms and to calculate the CRAR

1- Questions about BASEL II norms and the calculation of CRAR.

2- Question about BARS rating system

3- Question about Non-verbal communication and oculesics

4- Question about Paralanguage.

5- Numerical on Balance Sheet, Bonds, Annuity, ZCB, and stocks.

6- Questions about Management Techniques

7- A question about Uday Kotak Committee set up by SEBI to look into the issues of Corporate Governance.

8- Question about Collective Bargaining

All in all, the exam was not too difficult but the competition is fierce which will decide the fate of the candidates. I am not hoping to clear the cutoff this time but I will come back stronger next year. I guess 5-6 months of hardwork was not enough.

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