It’s been 2 months since I got Measles. I have lost 8 KGs to the disease and am yet to recover completely. I spent the last two months reading all sorts of books varying from Novels to Economics and Social Issues. I also spent time on Quora answering the questions I thought I could answer and reading the interesting stuff. There was a question I answered – What are the things that make you sad about the Younger generation?

new generation is pathetic

There were many answers to that question and I added one of mine. So here’s the list of those things that make me sad looking at the Younger generation. (Please bear in mind that not everyone does these kind of things. I am talking about most of the kids, not every kid).

  • Kids singing every new item song in front of their parents or others. Item songs are a must in every film nowadays and don’t even get me started on the Music Videos they make for these songs. The kids do not even know the meaning, they just keep reciting it like it is a beautiful poem. The sadder thing is that sometimes, even the parents encourage this behavior. Instead of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, they teach their children “Daddy Mummy nahin hai Ghar pe” or “Char Bottle Vodka, Kam mera roj ka”. They think their children are talented. If singing a Honey Singh song is talent then I’d prefer to be mute. Singers like Sonu Nigam and Shaan are not in demand anymore because Honey Singh and other so-called rappers (If you want to call them rappers) sell. This makes me really sad.

  • Technology has taken over our lives. I have seen kids playing games or surfing internet all day. It is not good for their health. They are not living their childhood. This is really sad. Somehow the parents are to be blamed for this. When we were young, we used to play outside. Playing outside results in a better health and overall personality. It is a natural learning process and the kids learn something while exploring the nature. They also get to inhale the fresh air. What do the kids learn from staring at a screen for hours? Nothing. Technology is good if used wisely but most of the people are overusing it.

  • Consuming Alcohol or smoking at a very young age. They think these things are cool and will help them become the centre of attraction. This affects their health and creates problems for others. Alcohol and smoking is never good for your health. You are not doing anyone a favor by consuming such things. It just shows your ignorance. These things are the root of all evil. Sadly, our movies show us that it is cool to drink and smoke and that is where most of the young kids get the inspiration from. Some people do this albeit they know it is bad. In that case, cognitive dissonance comes to their rescue and they do not give up to addiction.

  • I have also seen this new trend- Trying to catch up with everyone and everything. If something is popular, it must be good (this is the logic they apply). They do not apply their brains to anything. Rationality is unknown to them.

  • Kids are falling in love at the age of 13 and breaking up at 14. Then they fall in love again and this process repeats. The whole Love thing has become a joke. They are trying to grow up before their age.

  • Books are the best source of knowledge but they do not want to read books. They can watch TV all day long and get bored when given a Book. 

  • Most of the kids today are ill-mannered and self-centered brats. They do not want to respect anyone. Scold them and they are ready to throw some harsh words back at you.

  • The younger generation is apathetic. They do not give a shit about anyone. Bullying has become a huge problem in schools. Kids are learning new ways to bully others.

  • They are turning into narcissists. Some of them update their FB and WhatsApp profile pics everyday. Clicking tons of selfies and wasting their time. They feel happy about the number of virtual likes and retweets they get on social Media. Then they grow up and life hits them hard and they get depressed. This results in suicides.

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