Here’s a fun fact: One Cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes.

I’ve been in Mumbai for almost a month now. I am staying as a Paying Guest in one fine society. Dinner is always a problem for me since I am a bachelor. I go out every night at 9 PM to fill my tummy.


Every day I cross the gate, I see this group of young guys roaming around. They are always there. I see them everyday. Most of them are around 20. Their body language tells me that they belong to rich families. Their hands hold on to their precious (Read it in Gollum’s voice) – Cigarettes. I see them and I wonder – Where did this disease come from? How did it become a part of our lives? How did it spread like a wildfire, all across the Globe? What is so amazing about it that people are attracted to it? 

No matter how much it costs, people do not or won’t stop. The most amazing thing is that people smoke despite knowing the repercussions. A pack of cigarettes comes with a warning that it is injurious to our health and yet no one heeds those warnings. I do not understand why. I can understand that some people get addicted to it. But I don’t understand why people try them in the first place. People do not have self control. I remember the times when my friends told me to try a Cigarette but I knew what I had to do. I told them to stop bothering me with their stupid requests or offers. They stopped.

Many a time, I tried to ask them why they smoked and their responses made me laugh. “We smoke because it’s fun. Everyone must have fun in their lives. You are missing something in your life by not smoking or drinking”. Yes, this is what most of them told me..Seriously.

[ I didn’t know that we can’t have fun without smoking or drinking. Thank you man for guiding me towards Spirituality and enlightening me with your knowledge ]

By smoking, people don’t just affect their health but wealth also. Let’s calculate how much it costs to smoke 4 cigarettes everyday (4 cigarettes a day are too less for a smoker). A cigarette costs at least Rs 6. So on average, A smoker smokes Rs. 24 everyday or Rs. 720 a month. It all adds upto Rs. 8640 in a year. This is the minimum cost. So a person is smoking cigarettes worth atleast 8500 per year and also affecting his health in the process……Fantastic. Totally, worth it, right?

Well, no one can do anything about it except for the ones who smoke. But they don’t because they think they are burning those cylindrical beauties. What they don’t understand is that they are also burning their Money, Lungs, Lives and hopes of their loved ones. I feel lucky for not becoming a slave to a piece of paper.

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