Lord of the Rings series is my favorite movie series of all time. It’s my favorite because it has affected me the most. I dreamt of elves and goblins for months after watching this masterpiece. This series features amazing cinematography, CGI, screenplay, direction, and acting. So pretty much everything about this series is great. I am not even talking about how everyone said it was unfilmable until Peter Jackson showed them how it’s done. So all these things make it my favorite film series.

When I watched it for the first time, I was stuck with a question that bothered me – Why didn’t the Eagles help the fellowship? Why didn’t they ask the Eagles to fly them to Mount Doom?

Pretty much everyone who has seen the films asks the same question. I did too. I did not want to believe that it was a plot-hole. I mean, Tolkien has created such a rich and wonderful world. How can he make such a silly mistake, right? I knew there was something I was missing. Movies do not have time to explain everything that is in the books. So I read the books and got the answers. So I will try to explain why the fellowship did not seek the Eagles’ help in their mission.

Many people who watch the films (haven’t read the books) argue that the Eagles could have taken the ring and dropped it into the fires of Mount Doom. Let me give you some reasons why it is not a good solution.


Reason 1) It is Tolkien’s world we are talking about, and this world has a rich history. Eagles are not just mere birds in the Middle Earth. They are a creation of Manwe (The King of the Valars) and a proud race. They help when they feel like it. Just like Istari (Maia), Eagles are prohibited from directly interefering. They saved Gandalf from the tower of Orthanc because, once upon a time, Galdalf had saved their leader Gwaihir the Windlord from a poisoned arrow. This resulted in a friendship. But it does not mean they will help whenever Gandalf wants their help. They are not the Middle Earth’s Taxi service. They are a proud race.

Reason 2) The whole point of the long journey is to take the ring and throw it into the fires of Mount Doom, without anyone noticing. It must be done in secrecy or else Middle Earth is doomed. Had they flown Eagles, someone would have seen them coming from miles. The orcs have Catapults, Fell Beasts, Nazguls and hundreds of other foul things. Some may argue that they could have used eagles for some part of the journey. But again, Nazguls are always hunting. Even one sight of Eagles would have been the end of the world. That is why Galdalf did not take a chance. You can’t take a chance when the fate of the world depends on it.

Reason 3) As I said – Eagles are more than just birds. They have their own thoughts just like any other race. You don’t know what they will do if you gave them the One Ring to destroy. The one ring has the power to corrupt even the strongest of hearts. You may say that instead of giving them the ring, they could have sent Frodo with them. But then again, they could have taken Frodo somewhere else, ripped his intestines out, gotten the one ring and boom…..the same story again…We would have gotten an evil Eagle King.

There are several other reasons but these three are the biggest ones. The Eagles helped them once the ring was destroyed and they were sure there was no threat. Frodo and Sam deserved to be helped after what they did for Middle Earth.

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