Let me start by saying this -“I am a big fan of Kangana. She is my favorite ACTRESS (not star) in Bollywood.” She was exceptional in Queen however I have been following her movies for a long time. After watching the trailer of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, I immediately added it to my IMDb Watchlist because it looked promising.I will admit that I have not seen the original one, but it did not matter. Now let’s talk about the movie.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Review – The Good Things

TWMR is a really good film for the most of the part. It makes you laugh, It makes you feel sad for the characters, it makes you think and it delivers some messages about women empowerment albeit they seem forced.

From start to finish, this movie belongs to Kangana (other actors are very good). She manages to handle the job really well. She is brilliant as both Tanu and Kusum (Tanu’s doppelganger). Kusum is much more entertaining because of her “haryanavi” accent. So once again Kangana has proved that she is presently the best actress working in Bollywood.

tanu weds manu returns review

Most of the time I did not bother to check the time because it was a hilarious ride. It is good in technical aspects. Direction and acting are brilliant, music is good and Screenplay is okay. Some dialogues are great and some are over-the-top.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Review – What Didn’t Work

As I have already said that I was entertained throughout the film however it does suffer from some problems that most of the movies suffer from – Clichés and unnecessary subplots (Involving Tanu’s friend and Deepak Dobhriyal).

Also, while everyone seems to be praising Deepak Dobhariyal for his comical performance, I think he was a bit too much over-the-top. I mean its a good thing to have a funny character but it makes sense as long as it does not get annoying and dumb. They wrote a whole new subplot involving him so that Manu can go to Kusum’s Village in Haryana.

And the last third of the movie is predictable and underwhelming. It is a typical Bollywood style climax – “Cliched, predictable and melodramatic“. It’s been done to death before (By Hindi as well as English films like Corpse Bride). I am not saying that it’s bad, but it does not live up to the expectations set by the first two acts of the film. The third act can make or break a film. I think the screenwriter could not avoid the clichés. But Tanu weds Manu is certainly one of those Bollywood films that I have had the most fun with in recent times.

Go and watch this film because if good movies like this don’t make money, directors will keep producing crap like Chennai Express, Kick etc.

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