while I Sleep


Take me away with the winds of winters

over the enormous fields of white snow.

In the faintly moonlit night, steal my soul

Move through the clouds, high and low.

Beneath the stars, I want to float in silence

I want to feel the touch of the dark sky

Swallow my existence with your might.

In your embracing lap, I want to die.

Take me far away from this land of sorrow

Where my endless struggles went in vain.

Spread your cloak and make me disappear

From this land of agony and pain

Where my struggles were fun for people

Where my cries were just random noise.

Where my own, kept me in the dark

Where I didn’t have any other choice.

Free me of it, O’ Dark mother of death

I’ve had more than enough of my share.

My share of pain and of hopelessness

of insanity, sadness, darkness and despair.

End my suffering when I’m not conscious

Sing me the last lullaby and put me to sleep.

Expunge these miseries while I’m dreaming

Take me into the dark and bury me deep.


Summary: This poem is about a person who is depressed because of the constant failures and wants to die. However, he does not have the courage to do so. He wishes the death to come to him and take him away from this world.

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