the windowseat poem

Attempt At Poetry [4] : The Window-Seat

Every time I sit in the window-seat of a train I see my faint reflection on the windowpane. It stares at me like I’ve committed a crime Constantly reminds me that I don’t have much time.   And forces me to contemplate the meaning of life. I ponder over the many reasons of, my being […]


Attempt at Poetry [3] : Changes

********************************** Do you remember The cold and bleak December? When the caterpillar Transformed into a Butterfly. ********************************** Do you want to kill Against your will? The only light that lightened up My dark and bleak sky. ********************************** The beautiful canvas, colored crimson. That belonged to us for eternity. The clouds and stars we painted When […]

while I Sleep

Attempt at Poetry [2] : While I Sleep

****************************************** Take me away with the winds of winters over the enormous fields of white snow. In the faintly moonlit night, steal my soul Move through the clouds, high and low. ****************************************** Beneath the stars, I want to float in silence I want to feel the touch of the dark sky Swallow my existence with your might. In […]

The pursuit dark creature

Attempt at Poetry [1] : The Pursuit

SUMMARY: This poem in set in a fantasy world. It is about a person chasing some creatures which have taken his son. These creatures are called “Scounds”. ************************** Deep within the ground, live those filthy scounds The creatures that I seek, of rotten skin, they reek. ************************** Their eyes, sparkling blue, their saliva, sticky like glue […]