Today, I am writing about something that makes me feel ashamed as an Indian. I am writing about people; not poor, middle-class people like you and me. I am talking about the upper-class, rich and privileged citizen of this country. People who can make things work. People who brainwash the masses. People disguised as motivational figures. I am talking about the Indian Entertainment Industry which has turned into a BIG JOKE. I am not going to write about the mediocre content this industry produces. I am writing about how these vermins exploit people for their own benefits.

It all started with the following Tweet from Mahima Kukreja.

She accused Utsav Chakraborty – a Comedian, of sexual harassment and Utsav accepted the mistake. She also mentioned that she had narrated the whole incident to two of AIB’s most powerful members and they did nothing. Not that I had high hopes for this industry but it is still a shock for me. To be honest, I have never really liked the so-called comedians or entertainers who rely on profanity and weave their content around it. But to ignore such accusations and keep working with people like Utsav is something that is unforgivable. They have proved that they are sexual predators in disguise. I do not understand why people pay money to listen to these jokers abuse everyone.

If Tanmay was informed about the incident, why did he keep mum about it? I know the reason. Please have a look at these amazing tweets of Tanmay Bhat. Do you really think we should let this dog bark and laugh about it? I do not buy the logic that this is dark-comedy. These are his pedophilic tendencies taking over. Why did Mahima expect this shit to take the accusations seriously?

AIB tanmay tweet

AIB tanmay tweetAIB tanmay tweet

How is this guy still in the industry and making Millions? He is not the only one though. Most of the people working in this industry are just like him and turned this whole stand-up comedy thing into a buffoonery. Nowadays, every single jobless person is trying to become a Stand Up Comedian.

After that viral tweet from Mahima, several women came forward and accused people in the stand-up comedy scene and Bollywood of sexual harassment. Well, we knew what happened in Bollywood but the list of people coming forward is pretty huge. It is a huge scandal that has been going on for a very long time. Not only are the people involved in this shameful thing, but there are people like Tanmay who knew everything and yet decided to keep mum. The fraternity in this industry is very strong. It stands up to protect their criminal brethren, it stands up whenever there is an opportunity to gain publicity but it pretends to not exist when it comes to standing up for people who have nothing to offer in return. It makes them vultures who feed on the poor and harassed. Tanmay is not the only one who has shown this kind of behavior. Even Anurag Kashyap did something similar.

They could have prevented all of this and set an example. But they chose to remain silent and let their friends harass people. They make sketches and films about Feminism and Women Empowerment and on the other hand, they are the ones who harass women. Most of the people who show their so-called awakening on YouTube videos and films are the ones we need to look out for. They are the wolves in the skin of the sheep. Bloody pigs.

Tanmay is a joker, I agree but Anurag Kashyap is a renowned director. He is one of the few directors in Bollywood who are actually good. No matter how many Scorcese or Tarantino films he has ripped off but he makes good films, period. It is sad to see him involved in this whole thing. His friend, Vikas Bahl who made one of my favorite Indian films in recent times, was involved in the same disgusting practice. Still, he did not say anything. This is what he tweeted after the whole thing came into light.

He dissolved Phantom, that’s it. Read this tweet carefully. What do you make of it? Do you see the reason he dissolved Phantom? No. He pretty smartly avoids writing about that. He is still trying to protect his image. He is still not taking it seriously.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the things famous people tweeted after this incident. The following tweets are from someone named Mallika Dua. I had no idea who she was until I saw these tweets. Apparently, she is a stand-up Comedian – meaning she is Jobless.

Notice how she protects her friends by blaming it all on society? But what makes the society Ms. Mallika? The people who have been accused are all famous people. So should we blame all the rich people for this crime like you are blaming the society? Your friends made the mistake not the society.

After these tweets, she tweeted something that was totally irrelevant. She tried to turn this whole thing into a Men vs Women debate by talking about the gender pay gap.

Now, I do not watch any of these stand up comedians but I have heard of Zakir Khan. People love him so he obviously is more popular and brings in more business (He has around 8 lakh Twitter followers in contrast to 33K followers of Mallika). What’s wrong in paying more to the people who make more money? Isn’t that how Capitalism works? Why does she think she should get the same amount of money if her jokes are not as good as Zakir’s? This is ridiculous. In the Fashion Industry, Female models get much more money than Male models because they generate more revenue. Nobody questions that because it is logical. But alas, how can we expect these comedians to have brains?

Now, the following tweet is from Tanmay Bhat – The co-founder of AIB. This is his apology after the whole fiasco.

Does he really expect people to buy into this bullshit? Sent the picture by accident? Notice how everyone says how sorry they are about this whole thing. They say they should have done something but did not. Yes, exactly. This whole industry is made up of people like these. They get big by exploiting people and then it becomes a habit.

The following tweet is from his brother from another mother – Kunal Kamra, a comedian I despise the most. I do not know what it is about him that triggers me. But I really wish I could slap him once.

His brethren are involved in all these activities and he tells men to reexamine everything. Acting like a sage all of a sudden. I wonder what he is going to do with this new-found wisdom of his. He is shifting the blame from his friends to all men. What a disgrace this man is to the society. I think The Good Doctor did a great job of conveying what this donkey really wanted to say but couldn’t.

kunal kamra tweet

And how can the story end without mentioning the biggest Hypocrite and sycophant in Bollywood – Swara Bhaskar. Following is her tweet about the whole issue.

She smartly shifts the blame from her friends to all of us. Her friends harass girls and we are the part of the problem. We are the ones who need to introspect. We are the ones who are sexually harassing people. I do not know what she has been smoking but it seems strong. I do not see any placards being held now. I think we will have to wait till Diwali when the Placard Gand will suddenly come alive and preach about pollution.

Seriously, these people sicken me to death. They can stoop to any level for publicity. Their selective outrage makes me sick to my stomach. I wish someone puts them behind the bars to show them what they really deserve. I myself have vowed not to give my hard earned money to any of these douchebags. They can eat shit for all I care.

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