1 – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [Persichetti, Ramsay, and ROTHMAN]

into the spiderverse image

Into the Spider-Verse is an animated film from Sony Pictures Animation. Surprisingly, it is the best Spider-man film, ever. Much better than all the live-action Spider-Man films we have seen. A film that rejuvenates the franchise. I am not saying that the new films starring Tom Holland are bad. But this film is on another level. Part of the reason is that nobody was expecting it to be this good. It has got a perfect balance of comedy, and action. The stunning visuals are a cherry on top. It has to be the most good looking animated film I have ever seen till date. This is how comic-based films should be made. It was like watching a comic book unfold on screen. I smell a Best Animated film Oscar here.

2 – Upgrade [Leigh Whannell]

upgrade movie image

A low budget Sci-Fi that puts majority of big-budget Sci-Fi films to shame. Upgrade is a film by Leigh Whannell, the writer of Saw and Insidious. It tells the story of a guy who gets paralysed after an accident and has to rely on an AI Chip – STEM to be able to walk and do things. Upgrade ticks all the boxes that make it a good film. Also, it features Logan Marshall Green who delivers a really solid performance. This film was made on a budget of $5-$6 Million which is insane because it doesn’t look like a cheap film at all. In fact, the action sequences are some of the most unique and impressive I have ever seen. Which further supports the fact that visuals do not make a good film. If I had to sum it up, I would describe it as – John Wick meets Venom. It is a better Venom film than Venom. You will also get Ex-Machina vibes, which isn’t a bad thing.

3 – Green Book [Peter Farrelly]

Green Book Image

Green Book was one of the most surprising films of the year for me. I did not expect it to be so good that I did not want it to end. There wasn’t a single dull moment in this movie. Viggo made sure every scene was hilarious and impactful. I liked the Chemistry between the characters and the faith they had in each other. Viggo was short-tempered but often hilarious and Ali was the complete opposite. They complemented each other pretty well. Watch this film for the solid performances from the lead actors and the hilarious dialogue. Definitely one of the best performances of Viggo’s career. I smell two oscars for acting here if Rami doesn’t steal one.

4 – Burning [Lee Chang-Dong]

burning image

Burning is a slow-burning (see what I did there) Mystery/Thriller film from Lee Chang-Dong, the guy who directed Poetry. The pace of the film might put some viewers off but to me, it was the best thing about this film. The slow pace is the reason it grows on you and gives you the time to think.

The best thing about burning is it does not show you everything. So you can’t be 100 percent sure of anything. There are hints throughout the film about what happened but they are not enough to come to a conclusion. Is the good guy a good guy? Is the bad guy a bad guy? These are the questions that will keep bothering you throughout the runtime and even after you are done watching it. Burning is my favourite foreign film of 2018. I do not understand why it was snubbed at the oscars. It deserved a nomination, at least.

5 – Annihilation [Alex Garland]

annihilation image

Science Fiction has always been one of the most popular genres in Hollywood. Still, most of the Sci-Fi films we get are not that good. We keep getting one or two good films every now and then but the majority of Sci-Fi films are still bad in quality. Directors sacrifice quality for visual effects and it results in mediocre films. Not all are like that though.

Annihilation is a cerebral film from Alex Garland. He is the same guy who brought you Ex Machina – Another brilliant Sci-Fi that received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. It is a visually immersive and thought-provoking experience, just like Villeneuve’s Arrival. Just watch it and let it all sink in.

6 – Avengers: Infinity war [RUSSO BROTHERS]

infinity war image

I do not think I need words to describe this film. After-all, it is the most ambitious crossover in history. It will take home the Best-Visual Effects Oscar.

7 -A Quiet place [John Krasinski]

a quiet place image

A Quiet Place is my best experience in the theater so far. Most of the time, my movie-going experience is ruined by people. That wasn’t the case with this film. Sure, people were talking in the beginning but they shut up after 5 minutes or so. Nobody spoke anything after that. It kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the runtime. Nobody made any noise. There was pin-drop silence in the theater albeit it was a houseful show. Maybe they were too afraid to make a noise. They should make more films like this one. Also, Emily Blunt gave an incredible performance as she always does and her real-life husband Krasinski supported her. In fact, everyone involved gave their best. It might get an Oscar in sound editing category. But I still think Emily was snubbed.

8 – Hereditary [Ari Aster]

hereditary image

Some people abhorred this film with passion and some loved it. I will suggest this film just for the solid performances, especially from Toni Collette who was ignored by the critics. A film that keeps you guessing and then shatters your expectations. The ending is a bit underwhelming but overall, it is a great film. This is a great time for horror films. Watch it for the car scene and the powerful performance from Toni Collette.

9 – Roma [Alphonso Cuarón]

roma image

Roma is an artistic film about a maid living in Mexico City in the 1970s. It is a very personal film for Cuarón as it draws inspiration from his childhood. He also wrote, directed, produced, shot, and edited it. That’s a lot of work.

Roma is one of the most beautifully shot films of 2018. The cinematography alone is a reason enough to watch this film. I would not suggest this film to casual movie-goers though. It has a very simple story. But it is a technical marvel. I am predicting Best-Cinematography/Best-Director/Best-Picture win at the Oscars.

10 – Bohemian RHapsody [BRYAN SINGER]


I am a big Queen fan so I was really looking forward to this Freddy Mercury biopic and it delivered. Sure, some things have been changed for dramatisation but I am not complaining. It is a well-made biopic about one of the best vocalists of all time. Rami Malek nailed it as Freddy. I do not think anyone else could have done it better than him.

This list is subject to change as I am yet to watch all of the good films from 2018.

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