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Full Name: Prabhat Royal

Age: 22
Place: Rishikesh (India)
Education: Btech Student pursuing Electronics and Communication
engineering from BTKIT
Expertise: C, C++, Java, .php and HTML
Started on: 3 December 2012
Alexa Rank: 64000
Traffic: 60000-90000 UV/month
Social Nertworks: FacebookGoogle+

1. Hi Prabhat, glad if you could say few words to describe yourself.
Thank You Vijesh for giving me this opportunity. Well, talking about myself, I am Prabhat Royal an ordinary guy who belongs to Rishikesh (India). I am a B.Tech 3rd year engineering student and a part time blogger.

2. I eat traffic and you are really eating it, share some of the best traffic strategies you employee for your blog.
I think I was lucky because iEatTraffic started getting search traffic from very first day. My main source of traffic is Google. Then direct traffic and social media. I am not too much into social networks. I hardly share my posts because I have a tight schedule (9AM – 5PM College + 5PM – 7PM blogging+ studies).

3. You started your blog somewhere in the first week of December 2012 and from then it has been 5 months now and you posted your traffic and income report of March 2013 means it was just 3 months then. What are your past blogging experiences and how did you apply them for iEatTraffic?
Well as you said I started my blog on Dec 2012 but I seriously started working on iEatTrafic from last week of January.  My first blog was not a failure but it wasn’t a success either, so I sold it. I did make some mistakes like – focusing too much on articles and leaving SEO behind, ignoring Webmaster tools and analytics, indexing tags and categories which resulted in duplicate content etc. So I did not get huge search traffic. Then I founded iEatTraffic and started learning about SEO and now I know the importance of SEO. If you want to survive in this blogging world then having basic SEO skills is must because there is too much competition out there.

4. What according to you are the best monetization methods for a newbie with a tech blog? I heard you are so positive with Yahoo ads, what made you think so? Could you share your experiences with Yahoo ads?
My main source of income is AdSense and AdSense is undoubtedly the best monetization method for me because I have reached as high as $200 a day with AdSense. Then affiliate marketing (I have tried Amazon and seen some good results) and paid reviews. But nothing beats AdSense. I was quite impressed with Yahoo ads until they started giving me almost 0.00 RPM. This is happening with all publishers so I am thinking about removing it. Earlier they were giving more than $8 RPM but things have changed now.

5. If a kid walked up to you and asked for your advice on starting a tech blog and you only had a few minutes to give him your best tips, what would they be?

Tech is a competitive niche now but writing posts about android and iOS can make you good profit. Following are some tips for newbies.

  1. First advice – Write good content and apply SEO (don’t ignore it).
  2. Second advice – Monetize you blog as soon as you can (some people might say the opposite) because no one knows when you are going to rank at 1st position on Google.
  3. Third advice – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because panda and penguin are out there to ruin your business”. So don’t be dependent upon one website/blog only.
  4. Fourth and best advice – Give tips to others but NEVER share your BEST IDEA with anyone. If you do so, you are destroying your own business.

This is all for now I think it was a long article but it does have some information to learn. I made this post for tech bloggers who are lacking in their success and for newbies who are interested to start a tech blog. I personally thank Saurabh, Sid and Prabhat who have took there valuable time and answered those questions.

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