So I wrote this exam called “LIC AAO” and to be honest I was not expecting to clear the written exam. The paper was too easy and anyone could have attempted all the questions in Quants and Reasoning. GK and Computer were the real game changers. More than 10 Lakh candidates applied for 700 seats (349 seats for Unreserved people like me). 2100 cleared the written exam and 700 will join the company after final result. I attempted around 115 questions out of 120 and cleared the written part. I think normalization helped me. Now I had to appear in the Interview to get the final selection as an Assistant Administrative Officer at Life Insurance Corporation of India. After all who does not want to join an oraganization like LIC which provides a lucrative package and good future?

I had to travel from Rishikesh to Lucknow just to attend the interview. The good thing is that they paid for the trip :). The bad thing is – it did not go that well. I was the first to be interviewed in my batch. There were 12 candidates in one batch. I reached the venue when the morning batch was being interviewed so I had to wait. Interviewers were taking around 20-30 minutes for each candidate so everyone was a bit nervous. When my term came, I entered the room and greeted them. There were 3 members in the panel.  The one in the center (The oldest one) started questioning me. Lets call them M1, M2 and M3 (left, center, right).


*****************(M2 Starts the Interview – General Questions)*******************

M2- What does your name mean?

M2- So you came all the way from Rishikesh?
Me- Yes, sir.

M2- I’ve been there. It’s a nice place. 

Me- Nodded in agreement and said “Yes, Sir”.

M2- OK, Prabhat. You have done well in graduation. You have been a good student, right?
Me- Yes, Sir.

M2- So tell me about your family.
Me- told them about my father, mother, sisters and brother.

M2- Are both your sisters married?

Me- Yes, Sir.

M2- What does your Brother do?

Me- He works in BSNL, Sir.

M2- Why didn’t you work in Private sector? Why do you want to join Government sector?

Me- Explained.

M2- Okay Prabhat. Did you write other exams?
Me- (TBH, I was confused whether to tell them the truth or not. I had cleared 3 other exams but I thought it might create problems. So I told them about just one.)

Yes sir. I have been selected as an IT Specialist Officer in Bank of Baroda.(He jotted something down).

M2- IT Specialist? Do banks hire IT People too?

Me- Yes, Sir. Almost all banks have moved to CBS so they need Engineers who can take care of their servers and systems. The number of Engineers they hire is very less though.

M2- Good. So what’s the pay scale?
Me- Told.

(He wrote everything down on a paper. He seemed interested in the details)

**************************(M1 took over – Technical Part)***************************

M1- You said your brother works in BSNL. Which post?
Me- Sir he is a Junior Telecom Officer.

M1- Why didn’t you apply for the same post if you wanted a Government Job?

Me- They have not conducted any exam for 4 years now. (Pokerface)

M1- Why is BSNL incurring losses after losses. What are the problems?
Me- (cursing myself for opening my mouth too much)

Sir, there are many reasons. The first thing is the management. Most of the people in upper management are old and they are used to the old methods. and then there’s corruption..blah..blah..blah…

M1- That’s a good point. So corruption and management is the main problem?
Me- Nodded and said Yes, sir.

M1- How do you know there’s corruption. Who told you?

Me- My brother, Sir.

M1- What did he tell you about BSNL?

Me- Told everything I knew. They laughed and seemed interested in listening to me.

M1- So what are Optical Fibres? An ECE graduate must know.
Me- Told in detail.

M1- (looked satisfied) What is the difference between an LED and LCD?
Me- Told (I do not know why everyone asks this question in Interviews).

M1- and what is a Home Theater system?
Me- (Are we seriously doing this? I was confused because I did not expect this kind of question) Told.

M1- What are Gesture Controlled Technologies?
Me – (Is he really asking this? What is he doing in LIC? Shouldn’t he be at Samsung or something?) Explained.

M1- Good. How does a D2H service work?
Me- Explained.

M1- What is a VSAT?

Me- Explained in detail. They looked satisfied.

M1- So tell me which is the number 1 D2H provider in India?
Me- (What?? I mean What? You are kidding, right?) Sorry sir, I do not know.

************************(M3 Took Over – Banking Part)***************************

M3- Who are the chiefs of SIDBI, Exim Bank and MUDRA?
Me – (cursing myself for not preparing this) Told them about the Chiefs of MUDRA and SIDBI. Didn’t know about Exim.

M3- what is SIDBI? How does it work?
Me- Explained

M3- and MUDRA?
Me- Explained.

M3- and EXIM Bank? Are they any different than the other Banks?

Me- Yes, Sir. They are an Export Finance and Insurance company like ECGC. They provide insurance to Exporters.

M3- What is the full form of EXIM?

Me- Export Import Bank of India.

M3- Good. What are public and private sectors?
Me- Explained.

M3- What is the validity period of a cheque?
Me- 3 months.

M3- and what do you do if your chequebook is stolen?
Me- Told but I was not sure.

M3 – What is Banking Ombudsman?

Me- Explained.

M2- OK, Prabhat. We are done. Do you have any question for us?

Me-No sir. Thanks

Then they were done. They wished me luck and then I was out of the room. It was a nice and different experience than other interviews that I have appeared in. I am still awaiting the final result.

UPDATE: Scored 276/300 in written and failed the Interview 😛 . I guess, I should not have told them about my selection.

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