Apple recently unveiled the upcoming iOS 13 during WWDC. It will be Apple’s major OS update for the year 2019. As always, users will be able to download it after the September event. But Apple has released the Developer Beta for those interested in trying out the new features. And apart from the bugs, it is looking promising.

With iOS 13, Apple has finally decided to listen to their customers (for the first time). Here are seven of my favourite features that will be coming to iOS 13.

apple-ios-13-beta features

1 – Sign in with Apple

Everyone knows Apple cares a lot about user privacy. They have shown it from time and time again. With iOS 13, Apple is going the extra mile to give users what they never asked for and it is the best feature of iOS 13.

On iOS 13, websites that ask the users to sign in with their Facebook or Google accounts will now have an option to sign in with Apple. Since Google and Facebook both rely heavily on user data, it is not a good idea as this data is used to target the users. Also, when you sign in with Facebook or Google, your email ID is shared with the third party which is a privacy concern.

With Sign in with Apple, Apple is trying to give the user more control over their data. When you sign in with Apple, the site might ask you to share your email address but here’s the exciting thing –

You can either choose to share your email or you can choose to not share your email. In you do not want to share your real email, Apple will create a random email for you. If you sign in to another website, another random email will be created. There is no limit to how many random emails Apple can generate for you. All mails delivered to that random email will be forwarded to your real email. This could change the way things work. Let’s see what Android does after seeing this. It will be difficult since Android is owned by Google and Google relies on user data. in fact, most of Google’s revenue comes from Advertising.

2 – Dark Mode

We have been waiting for Dark Mode in iOS ever since Apple included the same in MacOS Mojave. Dark Mode has many benefits over the normal mode. It will result in a much better viewing experience in the dark. It is also easy on eyes and will help reduce the eye strain. Also, it looks insanely good on OLED displays and saves battery power. It’s surprising how nobody thought of a systemwide dark mode before and now every company is trying to implement the same. Smart Invert has always been there, but a system wide dark mode is the real thing. Even Google has announced the same for Android Q. Microsoft also has a dark mode in Windows but it is pathetic. Apple’s handling in MacOS is much better and I hope iOS 13 has the same kind of implementation.

3 – Safari Downloads

A feature Android has been having for years will finally be available in iOS 13. Currently, iOS does not allow users to download free content from websites because of its closed and restricted nature. Downloading free stuff from Internet is not good as it increases the chances of your device getting affected with malware, spyware, or viruses. But with iOS 13, you will be able to download stuff using Safari. The files will be saved to Files app on your iPhone by default. You won’t be able to download everything but it is a step in the good direction.

4 – Smaller App Size and Updates

Every iPhone owner knows that the apps on iPhone are huge in size. They can sometimes be three or four times larger than their Android counterparts. The reason is that they contain extra assets for all screen-resolutions. Also, iOS apps are encrypted in a way that is very hard to compress. With iOS 13, Apple will reduce the app size and updates size by upto 60%. This is a welcome change especially for those who rely on cellular data and have limited WiFi access.

5 – Video Editing and Photos

With iOS 13, video editing becomes more powerful. It will let the user edit the videos in the same way they edit photos. User will be able to rotate, trim, or crop videos. They can also adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights etc. This feature is not available on stock camera app on Android.

Photos app has also been revamped. It is now much cleaner and smoother than before and uses AI and Machine Learning to arrange the pictures for a better and more personalised user experience.

iOS 13 feature

6 – Download Large Apps Over Cellular Data

All Apple users know the pain it is to not be able to download apps that are more than 150MB in size over cellular data. There are workarounds but they are workarounds. Nobody knows why Apple put this restriction but that’s Apple for you. Doing things because they can.

With iOS 13, Apple will finally get rid of that restriction and allow the user to download whatever they want over cellular data. It will not ask you to connect to WiFi. This is a great news for people living in India as most of us get 1.5GB per day which gets wasted. Now we can update big apps with the remaining data.

7 – Find My

Apple has integrated Find My Friends and Find my iPhone into a single app called “Find My”. As the name suggests, it will help the user in tracking the location of their lost device. Now, this feature was already there from the beginning but Apple has given it a god mode in iOS 13. Currently, the device needs to be connected to Internet in order to be tracked.

However, with iOS 13, users will be able to find their stolen device even when the stolen device is not connected to WiFi or cellular network. Here’s how it works.

When the stolen device isn’t not connected to Internet, it will emit its public key and connect to any random Apple device in that area using Bluetooth. The random Apple device will fetch its own location and encrypt it with the public key received from the stolen device. the random Apple device will then upload the encrypted location to Apple’s server along with the hash of the stolen device’s public key. Since Apple does not have the private key, it will not be able to get the location. It can only be decrypted by the user using his other Apple device connected to the same iCloud account. He can easily do that by using Find My Feature. it sounds insanely good. This feature is not available on Android stock Find app.

There are dozens of other amazing features Apple has added in iOS 13. So, I can say that this is the best iOS update ever. I will be installing the Public Beta in July and share my impressions.

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