This post is for the people who own a beautiful smartphone named HTC One M8. It is my third HTC smartphone in a row after HTC Desire and HTC One. HTC is a company which always makes some of the best looking and most powerful devices in the world. They have always been a great company if we talk about Innovations. They made the world’s first Android smartphone HTC Dream aka G1. They made the first Microsoft powered smartphones, they made the first Facebook phone. They were one of the first to bring the concept of big screens and 4G smartphones. So they have a rich history. It’s sad to see that HTC is struggling to get sales. HTC One M8 is the flagship phone for year 2014. So let’s start. First we will talk about the Motion Launch gestures on HTC One M8.

Motion Launch Gestures: HTC One M8

Stunning Design for Smart Persons

HTC one M8 comes with a feature called Motion Launch gestures and this is pretty useful. With this feature you can unlock your phone by just double tapping the screen. Swiping right will take you directly to BlinkFeed and swiping left will take you to homepage. Swiping the screen up will take you where you left. Amazing isn’t it? This is a great feature as HTC One M8 has power button on top which is kind of hard to reach with one hand so features like this are welcome. I personally enjoy this feature on my M8. Now when you unlock the screen and you have to lock it again, you will have to press the power button to lock it and double tapping won’t work unless you are using a lock screen. So this is what I am going to tell you i.e. how to lock your HTC One M8 by using the soft keys gestures.

How to Lock HTC One M8 with Soft Keys

First of all let me tell you, we will be using the soft keys so you will have to ditch that Google Now shortcut. We know that every time you slide your finger from the soft key towards the center of screen, you get the Google now window. We will be using the same approach to lock the screen. You will have to download an application which is so small in size (approx. 500 KB). Download it from the given link.

Download Screen off and Lock

Now after downloading it, follow these instructions.

1-      Install the app as you install other apps, Google play does this automatically. After installation there will be 2 icons on your app drawer as shown.

how to lock htc one m8 with soft keys image
2 – Open Screen off and Lock after Installing
how to lock htc one m8 with soft keys image
3- Read instructions after opening the app
how to lock htc one m8 with soft keys image
5 – Select Screen Off and click on Always
how to lock htc one m8 with soft keys image
7 – Give administrative Privileges – Click on Activate

2-      Open the app by clicking the second icon (Screen Off and Lock) as shown in image.

3-      App will open and show you some instructions as shown in image, read those instruction as you might need them while uninstalling the app. After reading click on OK.

4-      App will close. Now slide your finger from any soft key towards the screen as you do to open Google Now.

5-      It will show you a “Complete action using” window as shown in image. There will be 2 options like Google Now and Screen Off. Mine shows dolphin as I have disabled Google Now.

6-      Select Screen Off and then click on “Always”.

7-      Now it will show this screen asking for administrative privileges. Click on Activate.

8-      Now it will take you to home screen and show a message “Activation success! You can now switch off and lock your device”.

how to lock htc one m8 with soft keys image
8 – Success Screen

9-      You are done. Just side you finger from any soft key towards the center of screen and your device will be locked.

10-   You can go to the app anytime to change settings and use lock and unlock sounds but click the second icon not the first one.

After locking, you can unlock it with double tap. But you will have to ditch that Google Now shortcut. Google now will still work but not with that shortcut anymore. I love this, now I don’t have to touch that power button anymore. If this post helped you, you can share it on Facebook, twitter etc. Leave your queries in comments. Thank You.

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