I think DC is going through an Identity crisis. They are in a quandary. They have no idea what they should do with their films. They used to make darker films, which was one of the reasons I preferred DC over Marvel. Unfortunately, it only worked when Christopher Nolan was making Batman films. With Nolan gone, the quality of their films went downhill. Man of Steel was okay but had some big problems, especially with the ending. Critics butchered that film. They criticized DC’s darker approach towards these Superheroes. They wanted their old sky blue Superman back. Then they made Batman vs Superman, which was all barks and no bite. DC used the same darker approach again and it bombed. So DC decided to go the Marvel way and made this piece of turd called Suicide Squad and it failed. Since then, they have been making films with a lighter tone. It may be a step in the right direction but it is not working for DC. Their attempts at comedy are cringeworthy.

justice league review

I was really excited for this film. I mean, who was not? It is the first Justice League movie. It was a chance to see your favorite Superheroes together. But maybe I was too excited and was expecting a bit too much. That is why was a big letdown for me. It was not pathetic but it had the potential to be really good. They just wasted it. I had some issues with this film.

1)  The villain is too generic; just like Marvel villains (Marvel villains are often weak. Hela was amazing though). Steppenwolf is another one of that I-am-going-to-destroy-the-world kind. He is a powerful villain in the comics but the movie version sucked. Say what you want to say about Man of Steel but Zod was an amazing villain. One of the most well-developed villains in superhero films ever. He made sense.

2)  Another problem with this film is that the characters are not well developed. I think they should have made the solo films first. First Avengers came out after Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. We knew most of those characters when the Avengers came out. That is why we could connect with them. That can not be said DCEU. It is not well established yet. We have not seen any Aquaman, Cyborg, and, Flash movie. We had all three of them in this film without any development. The end result – They were all flat and one dimensional.

3)  I have loved Ben Affleck as Batman in the previous films but his acting was pretty wooden in this one. It seemed to me that he was not interested at all. Same is the case with Gal Gadot. She is fine but she was much better in her solo film. Director matters the most when it comes to getting the best out of your actors. Too bad Jenkins did not direct it and Snyder left in the middle.

4) The CGI was awful. You can deliver a much better experience for $300 Million. I have no idea what they spent that amount on.  It looked like I was watching a video-game. Also, the background score was totally forgettable. I could recognize the Batman, WW, and Superman themes and that was all. They could have recorded the same themes and it would not have mattered at all.

I don’t feel like writing a detailed review about this film. It is another forgettable movie from DC. It is not as vomit-inducing as Suicide Squad but it is not great either.

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