I am a great fan of Jurassic Park. I loved it when I watched it in 90s, but it was a new concept back then. It had a great story and some of the best visuals at that time. It was not completely predictable and it was fun.

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Fast forward 22 years and we have “Jurassic world”. The story picks up after 22 years of Jurassic Park. I am not going into the details of the plot, but it is almost similar to the original Jurassic Park. We have a park where people can come and see the genetically modified dinosaurs. One of them escapes and goes berserk. Now Chris Pratt has to stop him from causing more destruction. So there is nothing new in terms of story.It is similar to some of the other movies that we have already seen.

The Good Things about Jurassic World:

jurassic world review
The CGI looks really good but these days even a low budget film has some really nice graphics work. But if you are a fan of 3D, you will have some fun as it has got some really scary scenes and the effects are amazing.

It is predictable yet enjoyable. Chris Prett does a great job. In fact, he is the only person in the movie who is likable. I did not care about other characters.

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Things That Did not Work:

Now let’s talk about the negatives. There are so many things that are wrong with this film. But I have made a list of the things that don’t make sense. I am not going to talk about the technical things because everything is good except for the BGM.


jurassic world reviews
1- Why did they go into the dinosaur’s territory without knowing where the Dinosaur is? they could have tracked him before entering the cage, just to be sure. and Did I mention that we are talking about a genetically modified dinosaur with the IQ of Einstein?

2- The character played by Judy Greer and Bryce are so annoying. Judy starts crying for a stupid reason ( because her sister didn’t accompany the children, she works in Jurassic World, she has a lot of work to do.)

3 – Bryce does not know what logic means. There are moments where she shows her STUPIDITY. (Like – “screaming” even though she knows that the dinosaur could be near.)

4 – The kids are the most stupid ones I have ever seen. I mean you are in Jurassic World. If there is an emergency then it must be something important. Get the hell out of there. But no, we have to see everything.

5- Who the hell designed this stupid spherical vehicle that the kids used? Dinosaurs could have easily destroyed it, One swing of their tail and it would fly to China. who wants to travel in such a vehicle?

6- Chris Pratt and Bryce go out to find the children and their defense is – A GUN. What? Are you going to kill that Dinosaur with a GUN?

7- Chris and Bryce see some dead or soon-to-be- dead dinosaurs so they make sure that they waste a lot of time with them albeit they have to save the children and time is running fast.

8- Chris goes out to kill the dinosaur with a team, but only one of them has a Bazooka. Then they wait for the Dinosaur to have some giggles with the small dinosaurs. They could have brought 5-6 Bazookas with them and launch them at the same time. We saw what 1 Bazooka did to him. 5-6 could have easily killed him or at least crippled him.

9- What is the deal with those 4 dinosaurs who keep changing sides?

10- I honestly could not understand what Chris Pratt’s role was? He did not do anything in the whole movie except for running. He was useful at only one place – The climax. He somehow hypnotizes the small dinosaurs, but even that doesn’t do anything.

11- The Dues ex-Machina Ending. (Mr. Godzilla saves the day).

Maybe I am nitpicking but these are the examples of sloppy writing. You must avoid such things. Some scenes reminded me of Avatar and the climax reminded me of Godzilla.

Overall it is a nice movie to spend your time but it is not a must watch. It does not get anywhere near to the level of Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park. but yeah, It is a great improvement over Jurassic Park 3 which was a complete mess.

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