Pixar is a great Animation Studio without a doubt, probably the best Animation Studio in the world (Studio Ghibli is a close second). They have made some of the most amazing Animated films of all time (Toy Story Trilogy, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc.). But everyone makes mistakes and So did Pixar when they made Cars 2 in 2011. Frankly speaking, they went downhill after Toy Story 3. I mean they didn’t make mediocre movies but the movies they made after Cars 2 were just good. Monsters University was good and so was Brave, but they lacked the brilliant storytelling and the wow factor that Pixar is well known for. Luckily, Inside Out is the film we all have been waiting for. After watching Inside Out, I can say that Pixar is back with a bang.

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Inside Out (2015) : Plot Overview and Review

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Plot Overview : Inside Out (2015)

“Inside Out is the story of Riley (a Young girl), and her emotions – Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. These emotions control her personality and try to keep her happy. The problems begin when Riley’s parents move to San Fransisco. Riley does not like the new unfamiliar environment and her emotions try to keep her happy. An unfortunate incident results in Sadness and Joy getting lost into the depth’s of Riley’s mind. How will Anger, Disgust and Fear manage without Joy?” Believe me, There is much more than this.

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On paper, It sounds like a brilliant idea however the best thing about Inside Out is the way in which this Idea is executed. Because it is a really difficult task to construct a screenplay based on this story or idea. I mean what more can you do with an idea that is about “our emotions controlling us”? But the Geniuses at Pixar added some mind-blowing stuff ( like – Personality Islands, Core Memories, Imaginationland, sub-conscious etc.) to it which made it perfect. I mean, this is exactly how everyone’s mind works. Everyone has different personalities that make them unique, everyone has some core memories (The really important ones) and everyone has a part in their brains where they keep the Imaginary stuff (Tell me, you never imagined about getting supernatural powers or being a movie star or a rock star?). The way they showed the different parts of Riley’s brain is extraordinary. Kudos to Pete Doctor and Pixar for that. The way they presented the mind of a young girl deserves all the praise.

“Inside Out is one of The Best Pixar Films. It might become my favorite Pixar film ever”

Inside Out is a mind-blowing film and It has everything that a great movie needs. The Animation is gorgeous and the colors are eye-popping as always, the storytelling is brilliant, manages to give some great messages about life, the humor works really well, the pace is perfect and there are some tearjerking moments. Some scenes will make you laugh like kids (There are so many) and some scenes will make you cry (It made me teary-eyed. Yeah, I accept that now judge me.). The attention to details is near perfect.

In one particular scene, we see that 2 of Riley’s emotions are males and remaining are females. However, her mother’s emotions are all Females and her Father’s emotions are all males. Also, the emotions in Riley’s brain are led by Joy and the emotions in her Mother’s and Father’s brain are led by Sadness and Anger respectively. why?

Well, Pete might have done it to maintain the flow of the story without making it seem complicated however I have some other reasons to believe that he did it on purpose. Here’s why I think he did it -:

“A child has mixed emotions of its father and mother. Riley has not completely grown up she is yet to hit puberty. So her emotions are a mixture of both because she has yet to develop her adult personality.

Now, the leader in her Riley’s emotions is Joy because that is the emotion she uses the most (Because Children are happy most of the time. They do not have anything to care about).

The leader in her Mother’s emotions is Sadness because that is the emotion her mother uses the most (Married women get sad most of the time as they have a lot of responsibilities. Not being a sexist here, just stating a fact).

The leader in her Father’s emotions is Anger because that is the emotion her Father uses the most. We all know that Men get angry most of the time.”

So she got Sadness, Joy and Disgust from her Mother and Anger and fear from her father. Once Riley grows up into a fully matured girl, the emotions will form their own personality.”

This is what I think. Pete Doctor – You are a Genius.

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The reason why Inside Out works out so well is because – It connects to everyone. Everyone has gone through this phase at least once in their life and everyone has felt these emotions. So it’s almost impossible not to cry while watching your whole childhood being portrayed on the screen by a kid named Riley. Riley is not a character, She represents every one of us. We often wish we didn’t have <insert anything> kind of personality, but the message this movie gives is – Everything is there for a reason, even sadness is important. I loved everything about this film, They even concluded the movie with a beautiful montage. The film is based on a 3 act structure and all the 3 acts are brilliant. There isnt really any fault with the story structure. It is all constructed in a beautiful way.

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Inside Out is a movie about big ideas but Pixar makes it all seem effortless. It is a modern masterpiece from Pixar. I bet this is going to give Pixar their long due 8th Oscar in best Animated Film category. It deserves all the praise it is getting. This movie will appeal to both – The adults and kids but the adults will definitely enjoy it more. So go out with your family and Watch it, you won’t regret it.

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