Yesterday, While travelling from Andheri Metro to Ghatkopar, I noticed an old lady. She was standing on the platform. Her face was wrinkled and it carried the marks of years of struggles. She was very skinny and could hardly stand. No one noticed her, she was just an old lady that people are used to seeing. The old ones are nothing special, they do not stand out from the crowd. People often ignore them. She stretched out her hand as I moved past her. I was not sure if she was begging or wanted to ask something so I went ahead and stood in a corner. She was begging. She looked miserable. I thouhgt about it for a while and went back. I gave her a 50 Rs. note and all she could say was – “God Bless you”.

old lady begging ngo

I know God didn’t bless me but it surely felt good. I always give something to old people who are the victims of circumstances. They can not do anything because they are old. They do not have the strength to earn. There are hundreds of thousands of such people on the streets. They do not deserve this life full of pains and struggles.

This small incident planted the seeds of an idea in my mind. Actually I have been thinking about it for a couple of days now. The last 2 years have been pretty hard on me. This year was supposed to be a happy one but no matter what I do, happiness does not stay for long. So I think I am going to make myself feel better by doing something else. I am thinking about helping people. I have Sundays and a few Saturdays to spare. I have some ideas in mind.


My birthday falls on 14th of September and I’ve decided that I will not be celebrating it in a costly restaurant. I have no one to celebrate it with. I never believed in celebrating my Birthday but I did celebrate it for the last 4 years and the experience was bittersweet. This year, I am going to make it worth something. I will try to do something different. I will travel here and there without having a destination in mind. I will be happy if anyone wants to join me. I will feed every beggar I see on street. I can’t buy a Dominoz Pizza for everyone but even a packet of Biscuits will help. I am also thinking about applying for some NGOs on that day. I am very much interested in teaching the kids who do not get such facilities. I haven’t done anything meaningful in life till now. Maybe this is the time I made a change. I have already shortlisted some NGOs. Let’s see if I can get some time out of my Job. It would be very hard but I am willing to do it if there’s a possibility. I am not going to waste my time and resources in expensive Restaurants and Malls; the devices of mind control. I have already lost enough because of these things. I do not know for how long I am in Mumbai but I am going to change my life and put it back on track. Let’s just hope that everything goes according to the plan.

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