The Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is sending out invites for an event on 5th January 2015. HTC is one of the best smartphone maker companies in the world. and my favorite smartphone maker company. Their smartphones have won many awards.
As we know that HTC is expected to launch the new version of their One series in february or march 2015. So why did HTC send these invites? HTC is likely to release the Lollipop update on 3th January for Sense version. So this event suggests either the release of Sense 7 or the launch of the next gen HTC One.
The specs of their new smartphone have been leaked and It is being called the HTC Hima. So it might be possible that HTC is sending these invites for the launch of HTC Hima or M9. However if they do it, It will be a surprize because no one was expecting the new One in January.

HTC Hima M9

The leaked specs of HTC Hima or M9 suggest a full HD screen (I think its a great decision),.3GB RAM, octa core SnapDragon810 processor, 2840mAh battery, Full metal design, 20.7 MP back and 13MP/4UP front camera, BoomSound, Android Lollipop and Sense 7.
If these specs are true then it might be a good uppgrade because the main critisism of HTC One M8 was the camera. The camera on HTC One M8 is really good however the competition has got better camera so it might be a reason why the sales were not that good. Some people were facing scratch problems on their One M8.
If HTC releases the new One in January then it will be one step ahead of the competirion as Samsung and other OEMs are likely to release their flagships in Feb or March.
For me, HTC Hima will be a new year gift. Lets see what happens on January 5th.

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