Hey, If you have been following my blog for quite a while then you would have gotten an idea that I am a great fan of HTC and today I am going to talk about the HTC One M9 concept Images. I like HTC smartphones so much. I have been a loyal follower since 2012 when I purchased my first HTC device. It was a Desire C and then I upgraded to HTC One M7 which was the best smartphone of 2013 and won almost every single award. In 2014, HTC released the successor to M7 which was named HTC One M8. Currently I am using the One M8 and it is the best Android device I have ever used. I have used some flagships from other manufacturers like Xperia, Galaxy series etc.  But even the best device has some serious flaws and for HTC One M8 it was the camera. The camera on M8 is great for a 4MP sensor but it is really not a good camera if you click so many pictures. I mean the resolution does not do justice with the pictures. So I would very much like to see either a 13 or 16 UP camera on HTC One M9 with a DuoCamera feature.

Second problem is that camera lens gets scratched easily. If you are one of the victim then you can apple the toothpaste trick to remove the scratches. So lets see if the HTC One M9 concept made by Ashik Empro does justice with the phone. Below are the images that have been made by Ashik Epro. Source: EmproGadgets

HTC One M9 Concept Images

HTC one M9 concept image
Specifications of the new HTC One M9

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3 Replies to “New HTC One M9 Concept Images By Ashik Empro

  1. hmm was hoping for a better battery maybe a 3500 as Sony already has a 3200 this year… DO u think it might be waterproof?? also what screen size?? Im soo keen on geting the M9 Prime or whatever it would be called!! Only reason why I havent got an M8 yet. Waiting!!

    • I really dont know…Its just a concept but yes looking at the competition I can say that they will make it waterproof..5 or 5.2 inch is ideal but I think they would go for 5.5 as it is the new standard now..and I have M8 and its awesome

  2. hello my friend, I’m joseph from sicily, a question .. Can you tell me this model of htc concept where to find it to buy it?


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