HTC is having a tough time getting good number of sales. Last year they launched One M7 which was the best phone of 2013. I used it more than any phone I have ever used. This year they came up with HTC One M8 which is again a nice upgrade. I have ordered HTC One M8 from Flipkart and hopefully I will get it tomorrow. HTC decided to launch a plastic varient of their flagship which was codenamed as HTC One M8 Ace or Vogue edition of HTC One M8

HTC one M9 concept image

The HTC One M8 ace has been leaked and the pictures look stunning. It shows that HTC is miles ahead from other company when it comes to design. Hopefully HTC is going to ditch their ultrapixel innovation in this phone which is a good step as HTC One M8 was critisized for putting 4 UP camera in M8. The price of HTC One M8 Ace is expected to be $480 which is a nice price. This phone will feature either 5 or 4.7 inch full HD display with 2.5 GHz snapdragon 801 processor and 2 GB of RAM.

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