HTC has unveiled the Desire Eye selfie phone and a new camera which is being called the Re Camera. its a small camera which can do much more things than just clicking pictures and recording video. Its a nice small gadget which can be held in hands very easily. It will come in 4 colors and have a 16 MP camera which can click pictures and record videos. You can also capture full HD videos and slow motion videos with the HTC Re Camera. There are 2 buttons on the ReCamera which can be used ro click pictures and record videos. ReCamera is always on so there is no power button. All you have to do is pick it uo and start clicking pics. It is waterproof a camera. The imtegration with HTC One devices or other android devices is seamless. You dont have to connect any wires or data cables. Just download the re all on your smartphone, click oictures with ReCamera and it will appear on phone. You can go to to know more about it. I liked this concept. It will also be available for iOS devices. Zoe has been improved.


Talking about the Desire Eye, its a selfie phone which has a 13 MP front and back camera with dual tone flash which ensures great pictures. It also has the BoomSound speakers and is waterproof. The phone is well built and nicely designed. So we can say that HTC has revealed some great devices in the 8 october event. Now lets hope they tell us something about the Nexus 9 in october 16 event

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