I have been using Mac OS X for over a year now and I feel that it is a really good operating system. I am starting to get the hang of it. I have been a Windows user for years and I feel that Windows 7 is a great OS but Mac OS X has changed my views about Apple’s products. It keeps improving with every new update. Apple’s new OS El Capitan is going to be released soon and I am really excited about it.

The best things about Mac are its ability to use less resources (I am using a Macbook Air 2014 model with 1.3 GHz processor, 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM but it is way faster than my 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD Lenovo laptop with Windows OS), its speed (it boots up in 8-9 seconds and I have not seen any significant lag in a year), the ability to search faster (Spotlight is a monster, windows can’t compete here.), the ability to multitask (different shortcuts and gestures), the touchpad is fantastic and recognises every action unlike Windows and Apple updates their OS every year and all the updates are free (This is where Windows really sucks). So it beats Windows in almost every department but Windows has some benefits over Mac. Some apps are easily available for Windows. There is one more advantage of Mac OS. It gives you the ability to protect your documents and folders.

So today, I am going to tell you how to password-protect your folders on Mac OS. The method I am about to tell you doesn’t only password protect the folders but also encrypts the files. So follow the steps to encrypt and password protect your folders on Mac OS X.

Steps to Password Protect and Encrypt Folders on Mac OS X

  • Open spotlight by pressing “Command+Space”, search for “Disk Utility” and open it as shown in the image.

Password protect folders in mac
1-Open Disk Utility
  • Go to DiskUtility menu on the top-left and select File → New → Disk Image from Folder.

encrypt folders in mac os x
2- Open Disk Utility Menu
  • Now navigate to the Folder that you want to encrypt and password protect. Select the folder and click on ‘Image’ as shown. Here, I am trying to password-protect a folder named “Pics”.

how to hide folder in mac os x
3- Select the Folder
  • Now, it will ask for details like File Name, Encryption type, and Image Format. Give it a name, select Read/Write in “Image Format” and “128 bit AES Encryption” in Encryption menu as shown. You can also choose a different encryption, but it will take more time, so 120 bit Encryption is more than enough. When you are done, click on save.

password protect folder on mac
4- Choose What You Want
  • Now, It will ask you to enter a password, so enter a password and do not forget to un-tick “Remember password in my keychain”. After entering the password two times, click OK and You are done. Your folder is now encrypted and password protected.

encrypt and password folders in max os x
5- Enter Your Password
  • In the image, you can see a folder named Pics that I wanted to hide and below it, you can see a “Pics.dmg” file, which is the new password protected folder. You can now delete the original folder. Every time you want to access the folder, just open the .dmg file and it will ask for your password.

7- Delete the original Folder and open the .dmg folder
6- Delete the original Folder and open the .dmg folder
  • After entering the password, it will show a new disk on your destktop (like a USB drive), open this disk to access your data. When you are done with the folder, simply eject the device as you do with other USB devices and your folder will be password protected again. Dont forget this step otherwise your data will not be password protected again.

mac os x
7- Eject the device after using it.

This method has a limitation. You can not add big files to this folder later. To overcome this, you should do the following.

  • After opening DiskUtility, go to to File → New → Blank Disk Image instead of File → New → Disk Image from Folder.
excrypt folder in mac
1- Go to File -> New -> Blank Disk Image
  • Now enter the details. Give it a name, select the size, Encryption and format you want, select “Sparse Image” in the Image Format and Hard Disk in “Partitions”.
Enter the Details and select "Sparse Image"
2 – Enter the Details and select “Sparse Disk Image”
  • Now you can click on “Create”, the rest of the things are same as in the first method. This method lets you specify the size of the folder, so you can add things later.

This is how you Encrypt and password protect a folder on Mac OS X. Hope this post helped you.

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