Today I am going to tell you how I made $58,000 with a single micro-niche blog. I used that blog for 6 months only and within 6 months I made $ 58,000 with it. It was a small idea which struck my mind and I decided to create a micro-niche blog. Believe me if you are thinking about ranking for money making related keywords on Google, you won’t be able to do so as there are many people fighting for the same keywords. You have to study the competition and come up with a proper strategy and plan but even then there are hardly any chances for niche blogging. So you can do one thing – generate an idea of your own. And unique idea that nobody has ever thought of.

Here is how I did this?

In February 2013, While browsing on my laptop, an idea struck my mind and I decided to dig a bit deeper. I found a topic which was very popular among the users but no one was thinking about making it their target so I spent so many days to do the keyword research. I was targeting a High traffic and low competition keyword. Finally when I was sure that I had found the perfect keyword and domain name, I purchased the domain from GoDaddy. As it was a micro-niche blog I wanted to get it ranked quickly. So I created high quality backlinks and wrote many keyword rich articles. Soon, I started ranking for almost every keyword. I wrote many articles and they all ranked really well. Most of my keywords were on first or second position on Google and other search engines. I worked really hard on that blog and it was giving me a good revenue. Then I wrote more and more articles and I was seeing an exponential growth in traffic and this is how I made my first $50/day. It gave me adrenaline rush and inspiration to work more. I was getting almost 6000 hits per day on my blog as there was no competition. But then random guys started copying my idea and creating copycat sites to make money easily. But as I was the first one to do so, Google kept loving my blog and I reached 10,000 hits – 20000 hits per day. I made my first $100/day. Then I reached $200 per day. Can you believe it? I was making $200 / day by working 2-3 hours a day. It was a money making machine for me.

micro niche blogging

One day the shared server got crashed as it was not able to handle the traffic. At that time, having a downtime of 1 hour meant losing $10-15 and it was a huge loss. My site was down for 6 hours and I lost some money and my rankings. My top post went down from number 1 to number 6. I decided to take it to top again and started working for that specific keyword and after 15 days of hard work, I was able to take it back to number 1 on Google. SEO works. [For those who do not know – SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It includes the optimization of your posts to get higher rankings on search engines. If you do SEO of your post, it means you are increasing the probability of the post to get ranked well on Search engines. There are many things which are used in SEO like backlinks, keywords etc. SEO is a vast topic in itself so I am not going deeper.] Then I purchased a dedicated server for 10,000 Rs/ month and moved my blog to it. After sometime I received my Google AdSense cheque and I was happy as I had made more than $6000 in that month. Soon I was making $350 per day. Then I received 2 more cheques of $9000 and $9500. After sometime there were so many copycat sites and Google penalized my blog. So I sold my blog on Flippa for $24300. My highest earnings for 1 day was $ 400, you can see the screenshot below.

$400 in 1 day
$400 in 1 day

My AdSense Earning =  $$ 29375 = Approx 17,62,500 Rs.

Click the Image to Enlarge : AdSense Earnings with that website
Click the Image to Enlarge : AdSense Earnings with that website

My Infolinks Earnings=  $$ 3051    =    1,83,060 Rupees

infolinks earnings screenshot
Infolinks Earnings with that Website for 1 year

My MadAdsMedia Earnings =  $ 1201    =    72,060 Rupees

madads earnings proof
My MadAdsMedia earnings for that website

Website sale Earnings= $24,300    =    15,79,500 Rupees (Exchange rate was 65)

TOTAL = $ 57,927    =    35,97,120 RUPEES

NOTE: I sold that blog after 6 months but earnings have been shown for a full year just to make it 1 complete year. But these are the earnings of 6 months only.

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What I did with That Money?

Well, Blogging changed my life. I learned so many things with blogging, I communicated with people from many countries and talked to many persons. I also made some moeny. Here is what I did with some part of the money that I earned. I am not going to talk about the expenses related to blogging.

Best Android Phone Which Turned Me Into an HTC loyalist
Best Android Phone Which Turned Me Into an HTC loyalist : HTC One
  • With my first earning I purchased a new smartphone HTC One M7 for Rs. 43,000 as I am a great HTC Fan.
  • Then I purchased a Lenovo Laptop for Rs. 45,000.
  • I started paying my college fee with the money I earned, I was in third year at that time.
  • Then I purchased a Laptop for my sister.
  • I purchased an inverter for my home, Electricity is not a major problem in my area but still having a backup is good.
  • I gave some money to my brother as he always helps me whenever I am in need. He doesn’t need the Money but I insisted. He works in BSNL as a Telecom Engineer. He purchased a Nokia 5233 for me when I was in first year(2 times, because I lost one). He gave me a Dell Inspiron Laptop (My first laptop) in second year as we were not allowed to keep laptops in first year. In Third year, He gave me an HTC Desire C.
  • I gave some of the money to my father and my mother. They don’t need it but believe me it feels awesome.
  • Then in May 2014 I purchased an HTC One M8 for Rs. 47,000 – A great deal for this amount as the phone is really amazing.
HTC One M8 :: The Most Powerful Smartphone in The World (Antutu BM)

After using HTC for 2 years, I decided to stay with it. That Aluminium unibody is killer. BoomSound is best audio in the market. Sense 6.0 is the best bloat UI and it is a much better deal at this price. I was thinking about getting Xperia Z2 but TimeScape UI was a deal breaker and I really dont care if phone is waterproof.

  • Then I made the biggest purchase of my life – I purchased Kaspersky Antivirus for the first time in my life (LOL), which nobody does.
  • Then I purchased an LED TV for my home for 36000 rupees.
  • I will pay my first income TAX this year and I have hired a CA to save some money. Let’s see what happens.
  • I finally Purchased a Macbook Air.


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So you see how an idea can change your life or lifestyle. I still run more than 15 blogs and some of them are idle. But I am working on 6-7 micro-niche blogs and some niche blogs and they are making me more than $200 per day combined. I have hired writers for my blogs as I don’t have time to manage all the blogs. Some blogs are secret as I don’t want to be the victim of plagiarism again.

UPDATE: I’ve stopped blogging due to some personal reasons. I do not feel like doing it anymore. I do not have the strength. I will be back when I feel like doing it. My life has taken a big U-Turn 😛 .

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  1. i like your blog alot and imma metal head too btw. if you could just make a post about seo and give some more blogging tips and how can i earn some cash from blogs

    • Sorry …I am late……Health is a very competitive category…It will be really hard to get in ranked on search engines…but if it is what you want to do then go with it..

  2. Sir,Can I start a movie blog where I can write reviews about bollywood,Hollywood movies which would also cover a lot about tv series etc?


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