Happy Independence Day to all my Indian Brothers and Sisters….

Today, we are celebrating our 72nd Independence day. We have achieved a lot in 71 years and there is still a long way to go. I am sure our country will achieve great success in the near future. However, I also feel that there are some problems that need solution if we want to become a super-power. On one hand, we have some really talented people who are contributing to nation-building with their immense knowledge. On the other hand, we have some people who can’t digest the idea of a great India. They will always create problems to achieve their objective i.e. oppose good things and ideas.

So on this Auspicious day, I am going to list down five worst kinds of Cancer in India right now.

StandUp Comedians

Ever heard about Kunal Kamra? I recently came to know about this Joker via Twitter where he posts the same things everyday. So basically what he does is crack lame jokes about the govt. Also, a few about his diarrhoea problem. He is not alone though. There are likes of Tanmay Bhatt who rely solely on posting offensive stuff to piss people off and get publicity. There is a long list of such comedians who are jumping on the bandwagon.

If swearing were to disappear suddenly, most of these comedians would soon be jobless. Because most of their punchlines are based on a lot of swearing. It is just like the done-to-death-before, man-wears-skirt-to-look-like-women scene from Bollywood movies. It used to be funny back when we believed in Shaktiman. It is dated now and not funny. People who still find these jokes funny have missed evolution completely. I hope this thing changes and we get some real good stand up comedians. I am not saying they are not there but people like Kamra and Tanmay Bhatt get all the limelight and the real good ones are struggling for exposure.

Musical.ly (Now Tik Tok)

This cross platform app developed by some really talented Chinese Developers has taken the world by storm. It silently made its way to the App Store and Play Store and started spreading like Cancer.

At first, it looks like a simple app that lets you make short videos of yourself. But it is not that simple. This app is responsible for changing the gender of people. Here, girls behave like boys, boys behave like girls, 10 years olds are acting like Adults and Old men act like Teenagers. The confusion is real. It is like a virtual trip to Thailand. As if Modern music was not enough, Musical.ly has ruined pretty much every single old song. Several Social Media stars owe their success to this app though. At least, someone is happy.

Modern Feminism / Social justice warriors

Feminism was a movement that started in 19th century to grant women their much needed rights in a patriarchal world. Sounds pretty cool and necessary, right? It was meant to uplift the women so that they could fight for their rights to education, equality in pay, and other such things. It started with good intentions and was supported by everyone alike.

Unfortunately, it took an ugly turn and turned into Feminazism – A form of social behaviour depicted by Modern Feminists who are misandrists in disguise. It turns people into man-hating species. Instead of equality, women start fighting for Girl Power and showing that girls are better than boys….Yeah, Screw equality.

The effect is so strong that the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to replace the word mankind with people-kind. Talk about the heights of being Politically correct. A morally upstanding citizen would never allow this cancer to hurt humanity. Countless people have been victim of this cancer.

The laws favour women a lot in India. Any women can file a case against any men and before we can blink, the man would be put behind the bars. Even if he is proven innocent, he will probably never get a job and be ridiculed throughout his life. There have been hundreds of incidences where the so called Empowered Women have misused to laws to fulfill their cruel intentions – All in the name of Feminism. Zaira Wasim, BollyBrigade, Rohtak Incident etc..are a few examples. I hope the govt comes up with some gender-neutral laws that protect Men/Women from these blood sucking parasites. I am not talking about all women/men here. I am talking about people who misuse the law for their benefits.

cancel tumor

Leftists / Liberals / Presstitutes / Seculars

One of the worst and most dangerous species. They exist for the sole purpose of opposing development and creating issues out of nothing. They have problems with everything related to Hinduism but will keep mum when people from other faith are involved in some not-so-good-deeds. According to them – all Hindu rituals are draconian and regressive and must be ridiculed.

Their logical abilities are limited to getting the answer to 2+2. They hide behind the veil of pseudo-intellectualism but are pathetic losers on the inside.

They are dangerous because they know India inside out.. They know the weakness and exploit it. Most of these can be found in News Studios, Bollywood, and JNU. Some names that come to mind are – Sagarika Ghost, Rajdeep (The man who holds the Guinness World Record of going to the US and getting slapped)  Shehla Rashid (Oldest PhD holder in the world), Burqa Dutt (Pakistani living in India), Kanhaiya Kumar, Dhruv Chathee, Nidhi, Rana Ayyub etc. Some media houses are also involved in this practice – The Quint, The Wire, Scroll etc come to mind when I think about media-houses with propaganda. Parikkar was not wrong in calling them Presstitutes.

They cry about how the government is trying to curb their FOE. Interestingly, these are the same people who do not leave a single stone unturned when people give them a taste of their own medicine. They label all logical beings as trolls and conduct anti-troll workshops.

How to identify some of them?

If you spot a 60-years-old man/women studying at JNU, you know it is one of them. Apparently, they love taxpayers’ money so much that they never graduate.


I wish I could show you how much I hate 80% of this industry. This the the worst thing to have happened to India. Had they produced good movies, they actually could have been excused. But they are good for nothing.

They are dangerous because they control huge crowds. They have the power to brainwash people by their selective outrage and propaganda. They are probably the biggest hypocrite of the bunch. At least the Leftists and Libtards have the decency to say they are leftists or Libtards. These people however, are like snakes. They do not have any association. They go with the flow. Jump on the bandwagon whenever required and jump out of it at the first sight of danger.

For them, a rape is not a rape unless a minority is raped. They hold placards whenever their movies are about to be released to get the maximum exposure. They also protest selectively.

The leader of their association is a brown skinned women named Swara Bhaskar – A highly overrated, untalented actress whose claim to fame was an article published by a random magazine in which she claimed that she felt like being reduced to a Vagina after watching a film. The film in my opinion was a big pile of shit but nowhere in the film I felt like someone was being reduced to something. That is when I heard her name for the first time.

Do not let the name fool you though. Her Mughal genes are still inside her. She Recently held a placard against rapes when a girl named Asifa was raped and her pathetic movie was about to be released. Even her fellow actresses – Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Khan, and a girl I do not know supported her by holding the same placard. Alas..We did not see any of these aforementioned Bimbos holding a #JusticeForGoat Placard.

Guess, hypocrisy has a name – Bollywood.

I really wish these things to change in future so that all of these people finally realise what they have been doing and come together to build a great India.

Jai Hind

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