After years of releasing not-so-good-albums and collaborating with Popstars he once hated, Eminem is back…and this time he means Business……He is here to prove that he is the GOAT.

A Little Backstory

Ever since I got into Rock and Metal, I stopped giving much time to other genres because they did not speak to me. But it does not mean I do not love other genres. I used to love Rap, back when it was good and not the only kind of music topping the Billboard Charts. I loved it because of just one person – Eminem.

Eminem Kamikaze


My good friend Shivam introduced me to Marshall Mathers when I was preparing for competitive exams. Luckily, I had a phone at that time and I downloaded some of his songs. It was too much at first but grew on me with time. I read more about him and my respect for him increased manifolds. After going through a very rough childhood, he came out as a winner. I saw him as an inspirational figure. His songs often talked about what he went through as a Child. A father who left them, a drug-addict mother, bullies in School, failing 9th grade three was too much for a Kid. And he made it big despite all the obstacles. He loathed his father and decided he would never do what his father did to him. That is the reason he loves Hailey( His daughter) more than anything and has written countless songs about her. I loved all of those songs about his love for his family. I remember requesting When I am Gone to be played on FM. I do not remember the name of that song-request show but I do remember wasting 100s of Rs sending messages to them. And one day they finally played it. It was the best feeling ever…

It was good for some time but then the Rap industry went through a big change and the rest is history. Old School Rap was dead and the new breed of Rappers took over. Needless to say, things changed for the worse. Nowadays, almost every single Rapper out there mumbles (Remember Gucci Gang?) about how they are living the Gangsta style and have a shit load of money and girls. Most of them are talentless people who can’t write a single line without someone’s assistance. Lyricism is DEAD. That is why I have stopped listening to Rap altogether. I have some old school rap on my phone (Eminem and 2Pac) but that’s it.

Let’s Talk About Kamikaze

A few days back, something happened that sparked my lost interest in Rap again. Eminem silently released a new album called ‘Kamikaze’ and I do not need to say that it went viral. Within half an hour, it went number 1 in more than 50 countries. Of course, it was bound to happen because it is an Eminem album but there were some other reasons also.

This album is full of disses and insults are thrown at the Mumble-Rap industry. It features a different Eminem. He is not Marshall anymore. The Slim Shady is back in form again. He is angry and pissed off which can be seen in most of the songs. His last 2-3 albums were not received well by the critics and the industry. They talked trash about it and somehow it got him angry. Now, criticism is not a bad thing but someone had to show these Jokers what they were doing wrong. Eminem’s worst album will still be better than the best selling albums today. He is a lyrical genius and most of the tracks on the new album prove that he has not lost his art. He talks about the status quo in Rap-Industry in the song Lucky You. Eminem is ruthless here. He butchers every single Rapper out there. He is talking about how some so-called Rappers have Ghostwriters (Drake) and how the Hip Hop industry is going through this crisis. He also takes a dig at the Mumble-Rappers who just talk gibberish instead of making meaningful songs.

I got a couple of mansions
Still, I don’t have any manners
You got a couple of ghostwriters
But to these kids, it don’t actually matter
They’re askin’ me, “What happened to hip-hop?”
I said, “I don’t have any answers.”
‘Cause I took an L when I dropped my last album
It hurt me like hell but I’m back on these rappers
And actually comin’
from humble beginnings
I’m somewhat uncomfortable winning
I wish I could say “What a wonderful feeling!”
“We’re on the upswing….
like we’re punchin’ the ceiling!”
But nothin’ is feeling..
like anyone has any effin’ ability
To even stick to a subject, it’s killin’ me
The inability..
to pin humility
Hatata batata wadada, why don’t we make a bunch of
effin’ songs about nothin’ and mumble ’em!

He does not shy away from taking names. He pretty much makes fun of everyone and the industry in general. So, after all these years, finally, we have a Rapper who talks sense. The lyricism is back and Eminem’s abilities are still sharp. He can write well and rap at insane speeds. He has also collaborated with some new and underrated Rappers. I am liking most of the songs – Fall, The Ringer, Lucky You being some of my favorite ones.

Now, I am sure most of the people mentioned in these songs are not going to respond because who wants to get lyrically murdered by Eminem? MGK tried but the news is that Eminem is back in the studio and is working on the response. I feel that this is going to be worth the wait.

No matter what the outcome, I am happy that the focus has shifted from the Mumble-Rappers for a while and lyrical Rap is being talked about. It will be really interesting to see what Eminem comes out with since MGK dragged Eminem’s ex-wife Kim and daughter Hailey into it which in the first place was the reason Eminem released the diss track. Let’s hope it ends MGK’s career.

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