Pixar Animation Studio has given us some of the best-animated films of all time. They have won 8 Oscars and their movies have made more than 10 Billion dollars on Box Office. They make quality films and that is why everyone loves them – Be it the kids or adults. But since the last Toy Story film, the quality of their films has been going downhill. I know you can not expect back to back great films from a single studio but some of their films were really awful and unnecessary. I am talking about Cars 2, Monsters University, Brave, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory and Cars 3. Some of these are okay films but not up to the standard set by Pixar. The only exceptional film they made in the past 7 years was Inside Out. We expect more from a studio like Pixar and it seems that they finally heard us. Coco is one of the best Pixar films in years. It has all the ingredients an acclaimed film needs.

coco movie review

Coco Review

Coco is based on an idea by Lee Unkrich, which pays tribute to the Mexican culture and one of their rituals called Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead). It is the story of Miguel, a boy who wants to become a musician but is stuck in the family tradition of making shoes. He accidentally goes into the Land of the Dead and the whole film is about him trying to get back to the Land of the Living and in the process he finds himself.

This film has everything we have come to expect from Pixar – Amazing visuals, amazing music and direction, and, wonderful voice acting.

The main attraction of Coco is its beautiful animation. Pixar breathes life into everything we see on screen. Everything is eye-popping and dazzling. I watched the movie on an IMAX screen and was overwhelmed by the moving images. They looked full of life. The scenes involving the land of the dead are visually stunning. But we do not expect anything less from a Pixar film. This animation work in Coco was breathtakingly beautiful and vivid. But it’s not just the animation that makes it a great film.

The voice acting is phenomenal. Especially, the boy who played Miguel – Anthony Gonzalez, is exceptional. Others are good too but he elevates the film to a whole new level with his work.

The music complements the pictures perfectly. The mix of foreign language and English is a nice touch, which we rarely see in movies. Pixar did a lot of research in getting certain things right. I loved the fact that they decided to use Mexican for most of the part, it was a nice touch to pay tribute to the culture.

The film is heavy on the themes of love and family. Make sure that you keep some tissues with you because some scenes will definitely make you shed tears.

The only letdown was the short film Olafs Frozen Adventure. I have always loved Pixar shorts that play before movies but this one is made by Disney and is a bit long ( 21 minutes). It was awful beyond measure. People are already tired of Frozen and this short film was totally rubbish. They should have let Pixar make a short film.

All in all, Coco is a fantastic watch and I would say that they have redeemed themselves after committing sins like Cars 3 and Finding Dory both of which were totally pointless and unnecessary. It is definitely one of best favourite films of the year. I hope the Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 are not a letdown.

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