Do you remember

The cold and bleak December?

When the caterpillar

Transformed into a Butterfly.


Do you want to kill

Against your will?

The only light that lightened up

My dark and bleak sky.


The beautiful canvas, colored crimson.

That belonged to us for eternity.

The clouds and stars we painted

When our hands were still free.


The suns and moons, we drew

When we lived in that utopia.

The world we thought, we knew

Until it turned into a dystopia.


Will you accept this fate?

or the truth that’s bitter and cold?

Won’t you answer the hate?

or question the methods of old?


I did try to change the flow

of this ever flowing stream.

Hurt myself from head to toe

Yet, no one heard my screams.


No matter how much I cry or whine.

It will go on and on for eternity.

This cloistered mind of mine

Will soon loose its sanity.


Now, I want to go ahead

Beyond the realm of the dead

But a question, my dear

 who is going to bear

The Blame?

I know I’m slowly losing

This game.


So, I accept my fate.

No matter how late.

And with a heavy heart

I rip myself apart.


Hoping that a good day

Would come here to stay.

for longer than it did, the last time.

I’ve run out of words for this imperfect rhyme.


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One Reply to “Attempt at Poetry [3] : Changes

  1. Man, I came here by pure accident. Was searching for the Justin Beiber thing. I am glad I read some of the other posts. This one blew me away. I can feel strong symbolism and metaphors here…I ll try to decipher it. tell me if I m wrong…

    the first 4 lines are about a change you underwent.(caterpillar turning into butterfly)..maybe that happened in December. You underwent some tough time and you are talking to your friend or lover.because they are only hope or something. I think its your lover because the rest of the poem fits well if its your lover.

    The second stanza is about you questiong her if she doesnt want to fight the circumstances. maybe for some reason you guys are not together anymore. you are questioning her if she wants to kill the only hope that keeps you alive. You life was pathetic until she came. and with her you leanrt the meaning of love and life.

    In third stanza you talk about the world that you two built together, maybe in dreams or fantasy? drawing on a canvas means dreaming of the world.

    The fourth stanza tells us more about your dream world. then something bad happened and it all went bad.

    in fifth stanza you talk about how you are questioning her. If she is going to accept this fate or fight it. I didnt get “Question the methods of old” thing. maybe something about the past.

    In sizth stanza you talk about your struggles and what you went through but it didnt result in something positive. You were hurt and nobody consoled you.

    in seventh stanza you talk about more of your struggles that it will go on forever. There is no point trying to fight it and now you are losing your mind bcz you are afraid of the future.

    in eighth stanza you talk about “letting yourself free”. And you ask her a question that who will get the blame for whatever happened and that you have lost this game of life.

    In ninth stanza you are talking about accpetance. You have accepted the fate and are ready to face whatever comes. You rip yourself apart means you are willingly sacrificing yourself in a metaphorical way.

    Ana the last stanza sums it up. You hope that one day will come when everything will be as you wanted. Maybe you are talking about next life or that kinda thing. “For longer than it did the last time” means in this life the time was not enough.
    The last line means you have run out of words for this poem but in a metaphorical way it may also mean that you have run out of hope. Rhyme may represent your life. Means suicide or somthing.

    How right was I? This is effin amazing man.


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