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A Poem About Uttarakhand

A state that has hilly terrains Complemented by awesome plains A state that has a valley of flowers, Where you can enjoy the solitude for hours. A state that has good forest cover, A state where the rivers are healthy A state that is still able to maintain, Its aesthetics and natural beauty A state […]


The Indian Stand-up Comedy Scene and Bollywood

Today, I am writing about something that makes me feel ashamed as an Indian. I am writing about people; not poor, middle-class people like you and me. I am talking about the upper-class, rich and privileged citizen of this country. People who can make things work. People who brainwash the masses. People disguised as motivational figures. […]

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Thoughts : Five Worst Kinds of Cancer in India

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian Brothers and Sisters…. Today, we are celebrating our 72nd Independence day. We have achieved a lot in 71 years and there is still a long way to go. I am sure our country will achieve great success in the near future. However, I also feel that there are […]

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Attempt At Poetry [4] : The Window-Seat

Every time I sit in the window-seat of a train I see my faint reflection on the windowpane. It stares at me like I’ve committed a crime Constantly reminds me that I don’t have much time.   And forces me to contemplate the meaning of life. I ponder over the many reasons of, my being […]


Scarlet – A Short Story (Written By Me)

The alarm clock buzzed and Daksh looked towards it. The sound of the alarm had pulled him back to the reality. He stood up and looked through the giant window. It was around evening and the sunlight was shimmering on the glass panes. He could see the colossal skyscrapers and the people working inside the […]

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Syrian Civil War and the Rise of ISIS: Explained

The Syrian Civil War has been in news for the last 5 years. Till now, it has claimed the lives of more than 3,00,000 people. What started as a peaceful protest has escalated into a full-fledged war that has devastated Syria and shaken the world. The Civil war in Syria has also resulted in the rise of […]


Attempt at Poetry [3] : Changes

********************************** Do you remember The cold and bleak December? When the caterpillar Transformed into a Butterfly. ********************************** Do you want to kill Against your will? The only light that lightened up My dark and bleak sky. ********************************** The beautiful canvas, colored crimson. That belonged to us for eternity. The clouds and stars we painted When […]


The Smoke That Chokes You to Death

Here’s a fun fact: One Cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. I’ve been in Mumbai for almost a month now. I am staying as a Paying Guest in one fine society. Dinner is always a problem for me since I am a bachelor. I go out every night at 9 PM to fill my tummy. […]


An Old Lady and My Birthday Plans

Yesterday, While travelling from Andheri Metro to Ghatkopar, I noticed an old lady. She was standing on the platform. Her face was wrinkled and it carried the marks of years of struggles. She was very skinny and could hardly stand. No one noticed her, she was just an old lady that people are used to seeing. […]


And He Accepted My Friend Request

Today, I did some packing as I will be moving to Mumbai soon. I kept myself occupied because I did not want to sit idle. I get sad when I am not doing anything. I do not know why but I have lost interest in everything. I do things but I do not know why I […]