And He Accepted My Friend Request

Today, I did some packing as I will be moving to Mumbai soon. I kept myself occupied because I did not want to sit idle. I get sad when I am not doing anything. I do not know why but I have lost interest in everything. I do things but I do not know why I […]

new generation is pathetic

Things That Make Me Sad About the YoungGen

It’s been 2 months since I got Measles. I have lost 8 KGs to the disease and am yet to recover completely. I spent the last two months reading all sorts of books varying from Novels to Economics and Social Issues. I also spent time on Quora answering the questions I thought I could answer and […]


My LIC AAO Interview Experience

So I wrote this exam called “LIC AAO” and to be honest I was not expecting to clear the written exam. The paper was too easy and anyone could have attempted all the questions in Quants and Reasoning. GK and Computer were the real game changers. More than 10 Lakh candidates applied for 700 seats […]

while I Sleep

Attempt at Poetry [2] : While I Sleep

****************************************** Take me away with the winds of winters over the enormous fields of white snow. In the faintly moonlit night, steal my soul Move through the clouds, high and low. ****************************************** Beneath the stars, I want to float in silence I want to feel the touch of the dark sky Swallow my existence with your might. In […]

carnival of rust

Carnival of Rust : Song Meaning and Symbolism

Carnival of Rust is a song by the Finnish Rock band Poets of the Fall. I remember listening to this song when I was in 2nd year of Engineering. I used to play it for like 10-20 times a day. It was my favorite tune even though I did not have any knowledge about music […]

The pursuit dark creature

Attempt at Poetry [1] : The Pursuit

SUMMARY: This poem in set in a fantasy world. It is about a person chasing some creatures which have taken his son. These creatures are called “Scounds”. ************************** Deep within the ground, live those filthy scounds The creatures that I seek, of rotten skin, they reek. ************************** Their eyes, sparkling blue, their saliva, sticky like glue […]

how to stop web notifications on mac os x

How to Stop Web Notifications on MacOS

OS X is a great OS and it has many useful features. It gets better with every update. I loved the new Spotlight in the new OS X Yosemite. They have provided the facility to get even the smallest things done easily. The thing that I love the most about OS X is that they […]

The martian film review

The Martian (2015) Review – Captivating

Every cinephile is familiar with Ridley Scott’s name. He has made two of the greatest Sci-Fi films we have ever seen i.e. Blade Runner, and Alien. He also made the historical drama film Gladiator, which was a critical and financial success. His filmography is filled with great and awful films. He is a great director, […]

princess mononoke image

My Favorite Animated Film – Princess Mononoke

“Princess Mononoke is the greatest animated movie I have ever seen. Everything about this film is great.” If I had to summarize this movie in a few words, I would say – Breathtaking, Magnificent, and Brilliant. I knew it would be good because after all, Hayao Miyazaki directed it but I did not know that […]

baahubali images

Baahubali Review (2015): Indian Grand Spectacle

Baahubali is the most expensive Indian film ever. Producers have put together a whopping $40 million to make this film. It’s obvious that people were waiting for its release to see if it was fated to become another Ra. One. I was eagerly waiting for this film and I was not disappointed. Baahubali is one of […]