princess mononoke image

My Favorite Animated Film – Princess Mononoke

“Princess Mononoke is the greatest animated movie I have ever seen. Everything about this film is great.” If I had to summarize this movie in a few words, I would say – Breathtaking, Magnificent, and Brilliant. I knew it would be good because after all, Hayao Miyazaki directed it but I did not know that […]

baahubali images

Baahubali Review (2015): Indian Grand Spectacle

Baahubali is the most expensive Indian film ever. Producers have put together a whopping $40 million to make this film. It’s obvious that people were waiting for its release to see if it was fated to become another Ra. One. I was eagerly waiting for this film and I was not disappointed. Baahubali is one of […]

Cortana for android download apk

Cortana for Android Gets Leaked, Download Now

Microsoft’s Cortana is being talked about a lot. Every tech enthusiast is talking about it since it was released for windows smartphones. Some people are saying that it is the best competition to Apple’s Siri. Microsoft was going to announce Cortana for Android sometime in the end of July, but it has just been leaked […]

Ship of theseus

Ship of Theseus – Humane and Thought-Provoking

Before writing this review, allow me to explain the meaning of Ship of Theseus. Ship of Theseus is a very popular paradox. A paradox is something like a “Chicken or Egg” kind of situation or a statement which is self-contradictory. So let’s assume the following – “We have a ship and for some reasons, we […]

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Inside Out Review – An Undisputed Masterpiece

Pixar is a great Animation Studio without a doubt, probably the best Animation Studio in the world (Studio Ghibli is a close second). They have made some of the most amazing Animated films of all time (Toy Story Trilogy, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc.). But everyone makes mistakes and So did […]

tanu weds manu returns review

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Review [2015]

Let me start by saying this -“I am a big fan of Kangana. She is my favorite ACTRESS (not star) in Bollywood.” She was exceptional in Queen however I have been following her movies for a long time. After watching the trailer of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, I immediately added it to my IMDb Watchlist […]

Ankhon Dekhi review images

Ankhon Dekhi Movie Review [2013]

I heard a lot of good things about this film so I was looking forward to it. I finally got a chance to watch it and I was amazed by what I saw. With Ankhon Dekhi, Rajat Kapoor shows us that Bollywood is pretty much alive. This is one of the best Bollywood movies I […]

jurassic world review

Jurassic World Review [2015]

I am a great fan of Jurassic Park. I loved it when I watched it in 90s, but it was a new concept back then. It had a great story and some of the best visuals at that time. It was not completely predictable and it was fun. Read Also: Mad Max: Fury Road Review […]

mad max fury road review

Mad Max: Fury Road Review [2015]

Mad Max: Fury Road feels like a breath of fresh air after so many crappy Hollywood/Bollywood action flicks. This is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. Those who have seen the original “Mad Max trilogy” will love it, those who haven’t, might love it or hate it because there is no […]

avengers age of ultron review image

Avengers : Age of Ultron Review [2015]

I expectations from this film were very high as The Avengers was pretty good. I enjoyed the first Avengers even though I had some problems with that film. That movie had some great lines like “I am always angry” and some nice humorous lines thrown here and there. That’s, unfortunately, is not the case with Avengers: […]

Interstellar movie Explained

The Explaination of Interstellar Movie

Once again, Chris Nolan shows us why he is being hailed as one of the best directors working today. Interstellar confused people in a good or bad way. People loved it or hated it, I personally loved it. So if you are one of those who didnt understand the movie, I have an explanation of […]


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