An anomaly in the utopia
the windowseat poem

Poetry : The Window-Seat

Every time I sit in the window-seat of a train I see my faint reflection on the windowpane. It stares at me like I’ve committed a crime Constantly reminds me that I don’t have much time. And forces me to contemplate the meaning of life. I ponder over the many reasons of, my being alive. […]

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Dunkirk wallpaper

Dunkirk Review – Another Gem in Christopher Nolan’s Impressive Filmography

Dunkirk is the most realistic depiction of war I have ever seen on screen. It was worth the year long wait. When Christopher Nolan announced that his next movie was going to be about World War II, people were skeptical; they had their doubts and reservations about his abilities. But then, people had their doubts when […]

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RBI grade b 2017 analysis

I Took My RBI Grade-B Mains Exam Today

I wrote my RBI Grade B Mains (Phase II) exam today. It was a privilege to sit in the exam, since I was not hoping to clear Phase I (Pre) in the first place. I mean, out of 3 lac candidates, only 3200 were selected to write mains and I was one among them. I was […]

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gst explained

What is the Goods and Services Tax or GST

When the clock strikes 12, India will undergo the biggest Economic reform of this century – The Gods and Services Tax or GST. This single tax reform will change the economic status quo of the country in many ways. It is the biggest economic reform the country has seen since the 1991 LPG reforms. The new […]

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Scarlet – A Short Story (Written By Me)

The alarm clock buzzed and Daksh looked towards it. The sound of the alarm had pulled him back to the reality. He stood up and looked out through the giant window. It was around evening and the sunlight was shimmering on the glass panes. He could see the colossal skyscrapers and the people working inside […]

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I quit facebook

Why I Quit Facebook and Why You Should Too

I quit Facebook around a month back and I am happy that I did. I know it is not something to be proud of but it is a big achievement for me because Facebook was the only kind of addiction I had. It used to eat up most of my time for no reason. I do […]

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