I finally watched the Biggest Movie spectacle of the decade – Avengers : End Game on an IMAX screen. End Game is the sequel to Infinity War, the last MCU film that did not end well for the Earth’s mightiest Superheroes and also the general public. It left Billions of people dead and the rest totally devastated. So it’s obvious that the sequel was meant to break all records and judging by the wild response, we can say that it indeed is breaking all the records. The movie has already grossed more than $2.1 Billion worldwide and Rs 300 crore on Indian Box Office within 10 days of release which is more than the lifetime collection of many Bollywood films. It will soon surpass Avatar to become the top grossing film of all time. This kind of response was expected given that End Game concludes Marvel’s widely acclaimed Infinity Saga, a story spanning 10 years, 22 films, and god knows how many Galaxies. This is also the reason I was unable to book my tickets sooner. People were really interested in knowing the fate of their favourite characters. Anyway, now that I have quenched my thirst, I should talk about the film. If you want the TL;DR version – Just go and watch the movie. You won’t regret it. Thank you. Otherwise, read on.

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End Game starts where Infinity War ended. We start with a certain Superhero seeing his family vanish into thin air. One second, he is playing with them, the next, they are gone, just like that. He is baffled because he does not know that a certain Thanos just snapped his fingers. They are no ordinary fingers, they are surrounded by the Infinity Gems. Let’s say that this combination makes people disappear, maybe dead. Then, we see another Superhero – stuck in space with no food and barely enough Oxygen. This is the guy Dr. Strange placed his bets on and he is losing. Other heroes are pretty much in the same condition – sad or crying. The general public is no good either. Billions of lives have already been lost. The world is crumbling apart and there is nobody who can help. It is a hopeless mess. But somebody has to do something to make things right otherwise Thanos will win and the entire Earth will take a big fat L. All of this, because of a Blue? Violet? Purple? Dude. So, of course, some things happen. I am not going to discuss what.

I’ll say this much though. There is something for everyone in End Game. If you dig over-the-top action, you will get it. If you like a well-told story, you will get it. If you love iconic moments, you are in for a ride. You won’t be bored at all. In fact, I do not think there is a single boring moment in the entire film and the run time is 3 hours. I should also tell you that It is linked to many of the older marvel films and it’s wonderful to see how well it connects to those films. An understanding of those films will help you understand things better but it is not absolutely necessary. Everything just fits well together. Every character gets a chance to shine and do their part. But it’s Chris Evans who shines the most. Of course, my opinion is not the absolute truth but in my opinion, he has the most – Holy Shit moments to his name, in this film. A big thumbs up for that. If you think Thor’s entry in Infinity War was amazing, watch till you witness that moment. The entire second half of the movie is absolute nuts. So make sure you keep your bladder empty before entering the cinema. Also, if for some reason, it is not empty, make sure you empty it during the Interval because you do not want to miss the action.

But it is not a perfect film. It suffers from some problems. Some of the moments providing comic relief should not have been there. Marvel should have cut down the amount of jokes given what is at stake. I am not saying Jokes are bad. They are good but there is no place for them during some of the scenes and as a result they feel out of place. This was also true for Ragnarok. Also, Thanos’ character undergoes a lot of change. I get why they had to do that but again, it feels a bit off. But then, maybe it’s just me.

Writing a complete review of this film without spoiling it is almost impossible so I will stop here. I laughed and I teared up a little. I enjoyed it very, very much. Because despite its small flaws, it is an incredibly impressive film and I know fans are going to keep quoting it for a long time. Kudos to Marvel for pulling it off. They made 22 films, most of which are good, to make this film. It is a huge achievement in itself and deserves respect. Just go and have a nice time.

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