Today, I did some packing as I will be moving to Mumbai soon. I kept myself occupied because I did not want to sit idle. I get sad when I am not doing anything. I do not know why but I have lost interest in everything. I do things but I do not know why I am doing them. It is like doing stuff without a reason. I hate this feeling.

I listened to some Music to recharge my battery. Every time I open the Music player, either Daughter of the Moon or While We Sleep by Insomnium is the first song I play. These guys are geniuses when it comes to songwriting (Their songs are mostly about Darkness, sorrow, Pain, grief, Nature). The credit goes to Niilo Sevänen, who writes most of the songs. He is also the Vocalist and Bass Guitarist of the Band. I was so impressed by the lyrics that I decided to learn more about him and it lead me to his Facebook profile.

He does not have a page and that tells us a lot about his personality. He does not treat himself as a star. He has a profile like the most of us and it has more than 4000 friends.”


I sent him a Friend Request without hoping for aything. No one accepts random friend requests on FB specially if that no one is a famous person. But within 2-3 hours, I got a notification. He had accepted my request. I was surprised. The Lyricist, Vocalist and bassist of my Favorite Melodic Death Metal band is my Facebook friend.

I immediately sent him a message, telling him how much I loved his band and their songs. I told him what their music meant to me and millions of other people who go through tough phases in their lives. I told him the kind of situation I was in and how their music helped me in getting me back on my feet.

Unfortunately, he did not read my message. When you are famous you get a lot of messages, no one has the time to go through them.”

I was sad that he did not read it. I wanted him to read it. I wanted him to know what his band is capable of. I wanted him to know that he was inspiring millions of people across the Globe. His music was helping those who were in depression and pain, his music was inspiring people to pick up a guitar and play. This is all I wanted but he did not read it.

Then I went back to my daily routine. I was looking at some of the old stuff I wanted to take with me when I heard my phone vibrating.

It was a message from Sevänen. He did not write a lengthy message but it said- Many Thanks Brother

It made my day. I did not message him again because I knew he had more important things to do. They are working on a new Conept Album Winter’s Gate . Maybe I will ask him for an autograph someday. After that, I also found some old pics which brought a smile to my otherwise sad face. Memories, They have immense power, don’t they? They can make you cry when you are laughing and they can make you smile when you are crying. Such is their power.

Anyway, you can check them out if you want to but remember that they are a Melodic Death Metal band. It is not everyone’s taste. The growling vocals may trouble you. Here are some of the best lines written by them: There are hundreds but I am including a few. 

Collapsing words:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever

Stay awake while the world is sleeping, Free yourself before you disappear


“I’ll bring forth the sun, and hand over the moon, I’ll hide the evening stars and fold them in your heart”

While We Sleep:

We need to slow down, so I can catch you

We need to slow down, so you can catch me”

Lose to Night:

No more tears from me, this river runs dry; no more fear in me, this heart’s stone inside


Dying doesn’t make this world dead to us, Breathing doesn’t keep the flames alive in us

Dreaming doesn’t make time less real for us, one life, one chance, all ephemeral.”

Daughter of the Moon:

Still at night, I see her figure, Flickering the moonlit glades

passing is the hope she’s giving, just a faintest breathe of air and she’s gone again.

The Killjoy:

To rejoice is to lapse, fool yourself and repent

Mirth will soon turn into woe, Reveries to contempt

 and here is a song. Skip to 4:06 if you don’t want the growling part.

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