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So You Want to Know About Me?

I am an Engineering Graduate, a Blogger, a Proud Metalhead and a hardcore Introvert. I  am from a small town called Rishikesh (You may have heard about it). I completed my B.Tech in ECE from BTKIT Dwarahat (2010-2014).

I started my blogging journey in 2012, when I registered the domain “Geek4share.com”. My aim was not to earn money, I just wanted to write about stuff I was interested in. I didn’t earn a single penny for almost 8 months but I kept trying anyway. After 8 months, My Google AdSense account got approved and I put some ads on my website. On the first day I made $3.50 and I was very happy as it was my first online income. I could not believe I was earning online. Man, sometimes I wish I could relive that moment. I remember how happy I was.


So, when I had learnt the tricks, I created more blogs. My second blog was iEatTraffic.com, another Tech blog. After some time, I sold Geek4share for $300 to a person from Hyderabad. Then I sold iEatTraffic for $2000 on Flippa to a guy from Singapore. iEatTraffic was a big success for me. I applied everything I had learnt to my new Micro-Niche blog and it was a huge success. I sold it for $24,300 on flippa to a USA guy. Then I created a bunch of new micro niche sites and they were not that big but they were making me more money than I could ever have imagined. I lost the passion with time. Now I do not blog for money anymore. I don’t even remember how many of my sites are up and running. Things have changed for me. I will start blogging again once I find that passion back.

Now, that’s all about my blogging journey. This is my personal blog and here I write posts about anything I want.



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