A state that has hilly terrains

Complemented by awesome plains

A state that has a valley of flowers,

Where you can enjoy the solitude for hours.

A state that has good forest cover,

A state where the rivers are healthy

A state that is still able to maintain,

Its aesthetics and natural beauty

A state known for countless temples,

A state known as – Devbhoomi

A state people come to visit,

When life is directionless and gloomy

A state that gets a fair share of everything

– The rains, the sun, and, the snow

You melt in summers, freeze your ass off in winters

There are challenges everywhere you go

A state where millions come together

to celebrate the biggest Hindu gathering

They stand in lines and wait for their turn

Be it the slave or the king.

A state where the Ganges is pure

and the water is still crystal clear.

A great place for adventurers like you

to confront their greatest fears.

Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Skiing;

swimming, hiking, sightseeing

A place that can teach you

what it means to be a human being.

Some call it underrated

Some call it overrated.

Some think it is not well known

Some may think I have overstated

Some hear the name


fear the disasters.

But let me assure you

it’s perfecly safe.

So, plan your visit

Book you ticket

And I am sure

You will never regret it.

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