25- He Lies About Drug Use

Just when cannabis was starting to acquire cultural legitimacy, Bieber got his hands on the ganja. Now, the former child star has been repeatedly spotted in possession of rolled marijuana joints. He apologized while hosting Saturday Night Live, and promised to cease the activity for the sake of his status as a role model. Unfortunately, this was just lip service, and the star was caught smoking soon after the televised event. This proves the grand depths of his insincerity, which illustrates a truly untrustworthy individual. Source : Top10TheBest.com

26- He’s All About The Money


It’s safe to say that many members of the music industry today are more interested in producing commercialized content than quality material, but Justin Bieber, and his people, seems to care only about money. Despite being only 18 years old, he has released two autobiographies chronicling his “life story” as well as a documentary. Even his mother decided to jump on the bandwagon, publishing her own story last year.

Then there’s Bieber’s acoustic album, which consists almost entirely of watered-down versions of songs people already own. The icing on the cake is the $675 concert ticket that allows fans a “meet and greet” opportunity with the pop star. To put that in perspective, for the same amount of money it costs to spend a minute with Justin Bieber, a person could sponsor a child in Africa for two years.

Source:  WhatCulture.com

27- He Uses Autotune

He auto-tunes his music like most of the artists today. Computers have ruined the music industry.

28- He’s a Bad Role Model For Fans

Along with astronomical musical success come crazed fans, willing to do and say anything to get the attention of their idol. But “Beliebers” brought their campaign for Justin’s attention to a whole new level when they launched an attack on former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell after Bell tweeted his dislike of the 18 year old singer.  The foul-tonged, hateful tweets were harmless, until they began to cost The Thirst Project, a charity Bell supported, thousands of dollars in donations. While Justin obviously cannot be held responsible for the actions of his millions of fans, he could at least speak out or make a comment telling his fans to stop. Encourage them to take their energy and channel it towards a cause they support instead of harming a charity they don’t. But he didn’t.

Add that fact to his menagerie of tattoos, high-speed car chase, and the recent photos of him smoking marijuana and he’s everything you don’t want you child to grow up to be.

Source: WhatCulture.com

29- His Fans Say – People are Jealous of Him

Fans say you are jealous of him because he has everything. Yo man, Eminem has everything, but we are not jealous of him because he deserves it. We are jealous because his music sucks and still people like him & he is earning money while many talented musicians are not getting the exposure and fame they deserve.

30- He is Famous Because Girls Love Him not Because of His Music

Sad but True. Girls love his looks, not his music. They are ready to die for him. They call themselves – Beliebers.

These were few reasons to hate Justin Bieber. All I am trying to say is that there are many blind fans of Justin Biber who like him. Try to understand what true music and musicians are all about. They do not care about money but music. If you are not satisfied with these reasons you can google this phrase “reasons why people hate Justin Bieber” and I am sure you will find many reasons.

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