12- He Doesn’t Write His Own Songs

I don’t mind bands covering songs or anything, but when someone can’t write their own songs, and depends entirely on song writers (His are apparently terrible) it just bugs me! Shows a lack of talent.
What’s more disgusting is that you can’t write your own songs and you criticize the legends who do everything by themselves.

13-  He Lip Syncs On Stage

Well, most of the pop artists do so Beiber is not alone here.

14- He Makes Crappy Movies Just for Money

He has made two movies which got really poor reviews on Review sites. Why do you need to make a movie about yourself? You have not done anything extra-ordinary yet.

15- He Snubbed a Fan Who Raised $7000 in Cancer in Order to Meet Him

16- He peed into a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen

Hate justin bieber
This is Disgusting

Who the hell pees into a mop bucket? Only an arrogant and retarded person can do things like this. This is disgusting. It shows how arrogant people may become when they get fame and money.