Ask a girl who is her favorite singer and she will say – Justin Bieber. He is so famous but has many haters, why? here I am presenting the list of 30 reasons why people hate Justin Bieber and why I hate him. I personally did not hate him in the beginning. In fact, I never listened to him in the first place because I did not like his voice. I just did not make a big deal out of it. Then the media started giving him unnecessary attention and he became a worldwide phenomenon. I still did not hate him, but it was really irritating to see him everywhere. He just was not that good and did not deserve all that fame. Then he grew up and started doing weird things because he could not handle his success. All that power, fame and money spoiled his mind. That was the time when I started developing a hate towards him. I mean he is a role model for many of his fans.

To be honest his music wasn’t a problem, it was a first, but everyone more or less just hates him, not his music, he doesn’t care about his fans whereas other musicians do. Few examples:-
Blink-182, A fan wrote to them just before committing suicide, the band was so touched they created “Adam’s Song” to honor him.
Metallica, A 90-year-old fan wrote to them saying that she wanted to meet her favorite band, the band then went and visited her in her nursing home.
Nirvana, Singer Kurt Cobain often stayed up to around 3 am after concerts responding to fan mail. The band also played a various gay rights awareness concerts.
Justin Bieber, Spits on his fans from a balcony. Started doing drugs and started smoking, this resulted in fans cutting themselves and/or worse, he did absolutely nothing to stop a fan base from cutting themselves. He was allowed into a skydiving park for free as long as he advertised for it, did no advertising and trashed the place. This one really pisses me off. Disrespected Anne Frank in her own house, he said that rape happens for a reason, then he commented in the comment book that he “wishes she was a Belieber”.

All these things made me hate him. Now I even hate his music. I personally think that he was a good drummer, but he has turned himself into a singer which he is clearly not. He is a spoiled little brat who had the opportunity to earn people’s respect, but he wasted it.

Now, coming to the list; I have compiled this list from various sources. Most of these facts have been taken from WhatCulture and TheTopTens.

1- He can’t Sing

Yes, I am Right. Just listen to him. How can you love his girlish voice? When I heard him for the first time, I was like – Oh my god, who is this girl? Then my friends told me that he was a guy. WTH, Listen to Michael Jackson. He was awesome.Justin looks like a girl crying – Baby, Baby, Baby oh. This is why some people hate Justin Bieber.

2- He Is Not Talented, No Grammy

He has not won a single Grammy award. That shows how talented he actually is. I know that winning a Grammy is not necessary to prove yourself but this is true in the case of Rock and Metal. There are only a few categories in Rock and Metal music. Pop has  so many categories where you can get nominated. Nowadays any pop singer can win a Grammy easily. People hate Justin Bieber because he is not talented.

3- He Hates People Who Listen To Metal &  Metallica

Photo of Cliff BURTON and METALLICA and Kirk HAMMETT and James HETFIELD and Lars ULRICH

Seriously, A guy criticizing the great bands like The Beatles and Metallica. Metallica is the biggest heavy metal band of all time. They have given 5 back to back number one albums on BillBoard which is a record by any band, They are the one of the most selling music artists since 1991. Their Black Album is the most selling album of the soundscan era. More than 16 million copies of The Black Album have been sold in USA Alone. Their first four albums are considered as one the best Metal albums of all time. Their Master of Puppets is considered as the best Metal album of all time. The are one of the 4 bands who invented a whole new genre called Thrash Metal. They Have won 9 Grammys and 5 Kerrang awards. They have completed their 33 years in the music industry and still rocking. They are going to release their 10th studio album in the near future. Let’s see who remembers Bieber after 30+ years. And what happens when you criticize a legendary band like Metallica? Given Below are some comments of people around the world.

1- He sounds like a girl, I don’t care.
He sings only about girls, I don’t care.
His music is crap, I don’t care.
Stupid girls like him, I hardly give a damn.
But wait! What! He’s criticizing metal listeners! That’s the most disgusting thing ever. Criticizing bands like Metallica and Megadeth! Dear Justina Beiber, what Metallica has achieved, you can’t achieve even if you live for 500 years. You are the biggest insult to music! A piece of garbage in the beautiful garden of music!

2- Okay, he cited James Hetfield of Metallica. One of the few people who can actually sing and a person who has the best voice when we talk about metal. No, wait, there are thousands more people that sing better than this little mutt, Including:
Me. (And I’ll admit, I am a girl, who doesn’t sing well, but better than JB)
Your dad.
A cat being strangled.
So JB has no rights whatsoever to say, James Hetfield. There you go. And, I’d also like to say: Justin sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

3- Hell no that’s one thing him criticizing metal its even worse he’s criticizing Metallica ill kick his ass.

 Comments Source : TheTopTens
And my views – my middle finger salutes you, Bieber. What Metallica has achieved is called “True Respect”. You were not able to play one of their solos and you say Metal Sucks.
Now, when Bieber read these comments he just took a U-Turn and said that he loves Metallica. He also said that Fade To Black and One are his favorite Metallica songs. Attached below, is the video of Justin singing Fade To Black.

Here’s the original Fade To Black by Metallica (Live)

He also uploaded a photo of himself wearing a Metallica T-Shirt on Instagram.

#fearofgod @jerrylorenzo

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

4- He Criticized The Beatles

What? criticizing The Beatles? The gods of Music? Below are some comments he earned with this statement.

1- That is appalling! The Beatles are a band that you just can’t not like! I bet if you were to ask him who John Lennon was, He wouldn’t know what you were talking about.

2- How does He call them the crap band if he sang Let It Be. The Beatles hold a special place in most people’s heart the way the Jonas Brothers do to younger girls now. (A bad comparison, but stay with me) They, as you said, were in the right place at the right time, and that’s how they became famous. But that’s not how they kept their fame. No, no no. You see, the Beatles had inspiring lyrics that made people re-evaluate their lives, and gave a peaceful way of listening. Their music, though they may not have swayed you, was inspiring to others, especially at that time period, where preaching love was a huge deal. And, because so many loved them back then, it only made sense that they’d become a legend today. It’s all a matter of preference really, and most people have come to respect the Beatles and the huge influences they were.
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386 Replies to “30 Best Reasons Why People Hate Justin Bieber?

  1. Yes Justin G@^^er Sucks….Looks like a girl and sings like a girl..I hope he dies..He is not a good role model for kids….And whoever hates metal I will kick his a%$

        • You people r so stupid JB rocks and your music sucks and you do not know all the pain he has had to go though so next time you want to criticize someone look in the mirro,and criticize yourself dumb butts #JB forever #hope he marries me

          • Eww. For one, he doesn’t give a fuck about you. Two, what pain? I’m pretty sure all the pain that one member of one rock band in one day totals up to the pain that nasty ass feels in his life. So stop supporting this careless motherfucker, cause he’s a worthless piece of trash that doesn’t know the fundamentals of life or any good moral. He can go burn in hell. And please, learn how to fucking spell.

          • Oh really?According to my article I have in my binder,”Justin Bieber was also seen screaming at his birthday party,yelling to his fans,’This is the worst birthday ever!!!'”
            Guess what else I found!?”When he wrote ‘Hope she would have been a Beleiber,’in the guest book at Anne Frank’s home,more than half of his FANS DON’T KNOW WHO THE HECK SHE IS!!!!!!”
            So there.Thank you 3rd hour english teacher for providing me with this info.

          • Dumb bitch doesn’t know jackshit. You don’t stand a chance with that A-hole. Looool. Die already bitch! Good luck on that wedding!


          • JB? Pain? You better be kidding, the only people linked to JB pain (including hisself) are his bodyguards and fans maybe beacause he spat on his fans from a balcony had his guards carry him up the Great Wall of china, killed a family while drunk driving, does drugs, smokes,sings like a woman, cares about 1% of his fans,(that 1% are the ones that look hot) Disrespected Anne frank, and much MORE and people still like him including you, just stop, please

          • If you love him so much, why did you come to this website in the first place? Idiot… ALSO: Our music is so much better than this asshole’s songs. HE DOESN’T EVEN WRITE THEM HIMSELF!

          • See kids, this is why you don’t do drugs.
            Okay jokes aside, but how could someone be so stupid to say some retarded a** sh** like this. JUSTIN SHOUTED DEATH THREATS TO HIS NEIGHBOR, SPIT ON HIS OWN FANS, AND WORST OF ALL HE PUNCHED A 7 YEAR-OLD GIRL IN THE FACE (how much of a peice of sh** do you have to be to do stuff like that). My point is that all of the hate is pretty justified.

      • This is one of the best posts i have read with logical good reasons to hate that f*g Justin Beiber weasle.
        I have another good reason to hate that little piece of untalented piece of s*hit and insulting sabotage to what real music is all about.
        Justin Bieber is a pedophile who molested a young boy named Austin Mahone when he was still minor.
        Justin Fa**ot should in prison.

        He will never be even close to what Metallica, Michael Jackson or the Beatles ever were and still are.
        I hope that little wannabe gangster idiot keeps taking risky chances. I heard he is deaf in one ear and needs surgery for puncturing his eardrum in a cliff diving accident, lol.
        Maybe the world will be lucky and the Biebz will get into an accident on his ATV and fall down a cliff so we can watch a video of the accident with his brains splattered all over the rocks on that bestgore website.

          • U guys are mean he’s not a bad guy the people who don’t want their children listening to him then don’t let them its that simple

          • The person who made this blog is retarded im smart and I’m a big fan u have ur opinion and I have mine so stop making people hate each other over something so small it ur opinion if u like a singer who made some stupid masakes its OK because its not ur life I think of it of how he sings and I like him others don’t but just drop it !!

          • i don’t hate jb but i don’t luv him either. I just wanna know why everyone hates jb so much. I was never really a fan of jb but i don’t think i ever will. Also for the people who said they could sing better than jb, i don’t think its true, i know for sure that i sing better than hime but if anybody likes singing they can be better than jb.

        • I was struggling to fall asleep stubbled onto this post and you my friend gave me a reason to have pleasant dreams of bieber guts splattered everywhere, lets just pray the wildlife find his remains as unapitizing as we find his living carcuss already… I am afraid the poor critters will suffer an agonizing death because of how rotten that thing is


      • Can you stop calling that little fuck gay? It’s insulting to associate that spoiled brag with the lgbt community. We don’t want her.

      • People need to stop calling him a girl. we all know he is a BOY. You may think he has a girl voice. (that is your opinion)
        And can people stop calling him gay!!!!!! We all know he has had a long list of girls he has dated Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and many more. I know people have bad/good feelings about Justin Bieber but please stop making those rumors. Dont you think he have suffered enough. He already has a hard life he doesnt need those haters putting more weight on his shoulders. He is apologizing for his behavior give him a second chance. He has had the closest people in his lives break his heart, do him a favor and just leave him alone.
        What are you even trying to do? You are just taking time out your life to post rude and hateful RUMORS.
        Just think about that.

          • U are awfull bitch plzz u haterz are like donkey poop in front of him how wld u pple feel if a dumb brainless prick wld judge you well thats what hapenning here with justin

          • Aww… trying to defend yourself. They are rumors, how do you know if they are true, do you know him? Because if not you really don’t even know anything. Im sorry Justin Bieber may be awful in your eyes but in others he is not so just leave him alone and let others enjoy.

          • @u dnt noe me Well well, another BIG fan of that little gay guy… Listen, you worthless piece of crap: The reasons to hate him OVERCOME the reasons to “love” him… But all of you fans, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN SEARCH FOR “REASONS TO HATE JB” AS SOON AS YOU LOVE HIM SO MUCH???? I just don’t understand this kind of pathetic logic.. Especially you, you are a no-brainer, jerk-minded little gay fan… AND you criticise other’s opinions… I just suggest you to leave that comment section AND THE WHOLE INTERNET BY NOW because you are just another ZERO that’s just wasting a seat on the internet… Something worthful could be in your seat and tell the truth: JB FUCKING SUCKS!!! I hope someone gives me a contract to kill him for 100.000.000 i would fucking do that just now… Even with no money, i just want this little motherfucker to be ERASED from the map…

        • I agree with you. he sounds like a girl. Or lacks in many qualities of what a “singer” should have… I’m not a fan of Justin or a hater

        • Justin bieber got arrested for stealing a ferrari and go drunk while driving them and underage drinking. Does that gives you enough proof? Oh and jb called one of his fan “beached whale” in his tour and that fan who was called “beached whale” by justin comitted suicide. Jb also spent thousands of dollars for brazillian hookers.

        • Wow a belieber in Hate post. If you don’t like it, why are you here? Everything the author said is true, and even worse, his fans are the worst fandom ever. I’m not a Metallica fan, but damn, if he’s that famous, why waste his time? We all know Metallica is more famous/better anyways. It gets on my nerves because I listen to rock and metal bands(not Metallica, but still metal) and you fangirls need to stop. Not only you idolize him, but his fans are racist, like the time Girl’s Generation (I’m not a fan of Girl’s Generation or any Kpop band, though I do like their song “Dear mom”) won “Best video of the year” and Beliebers made a huge deal just because they were asian and not american, posting comments on twitter like “How did Justin Bieber lose to some japanese chick no one knows?!” If no one knows GG, how the **** did they win the award?! Or comments like “CHING CHONG LING IS INVADING AMERICA, WHY DIDN’T THEY DIE WHEN THE AMERICANS NUKED THEM?!” or “THEY SHOULD STAY IN KOREA” you know what? Justin bieber is not american, he’s canadian, so I guess he should go back to Canada too, right?! I don’t understand you fangirls… And most fangirls don’t even know sh*t about the world around them. Example, Amanda Bieber “Denmark loves Justin? Where the hell is Denmark even located? I love Justin More!” Like seriously? It’s frustrating because I’m a girl, a teenage girl and people just look at teenage girls and say “Oh look a belieber…”, but not all girls like Bieber! Justin Bieber is just a bad example for this generation. “Rape happens for a reason” that’s the thing that made me hate him even more. He’s just a disgrace not just for music, but for the entire world.

        • All those people that hate on Justin Bieber, shut the hell up. You try singing it better than him. You fucking curse him, and he isn’t going to see your damn messages. And if he said the Beatles were the crap band!! let it go, you can’t change his opinion. He’s apologizing for the wrong that he did. He may not be at the Beatles level yet but he is still young in his career. Actually listen to his songs, the guys got talent. So stop hating on him!!

        • Dude come on,Its not only the rumors,hes just a scumbag.thats it.He has never suffered.Like spitting on the audience?tellling a handicapped fan to stand?you call that normal?well,if you do then i hope you get cancer and die.

        • Bitch please… there are more people suffering in this world than an arrogant narcisistic douchébag, clit thorn, mother fucker who doesnt care diddly squat about people around him and I pray right here right here right now that he kills himself so all of you daft twat beliebers can follow in his foot steps atleast then we can get better control on the idiot population and actually educate the ones that can be taught, type Amen to a bieber OD or to a bieber with slit wrists in a tub for a better tomorrow

        • I agree with you cece. JB has already had a hard time. He is human too. He deservers respect. Just think if someone said all that to you(I am referring to all JB haters). You won’t like that at all. Think.

      • Justin bieber sucks. He insults the true american singers, such as Metallica, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson. He sounds like a piece of shi*. He can rot in hell for all I care. And, @weirdgirl, you need to get your ears checked honey.

      • Justin bieber is the best !!! Metallica fuck off! Eww! What the fuck man!! Metallica is so damn horrible!! how the hell do people even listen to that sh*t crazy assholes!! :p

      • You are really Weird.Stupid B@st@rd.Really a blind fanboy/fangirl.You should use you silly mouth to lick justin bieber’s smelly pen15.Or justin blabla will ignore you fuck1ng request LOL.Why i not use Capital letter?Cuz justin bieber is not a human being.It is a PIG.No,no,no.A pig being is useful by it’s sh1t and flesh.It is an ebola germ being.It’s bad for human LOL.Go su(k justin blabla’s nipples or pumpies LOL.#Beatles 4ever #JB su(ks # You really weird LOL

      • What, jb is terrible. He dislike the beetles, hates rock and metallic, has a voice like a girl. Not sure- drove drunk in Canada? He probably doesn’t even like himself.

    • I once knew a guy who used to sing for his fans
      His songs charmed the girls
      Like Anakin charmed Padmè
      He became famous because of that song
      Like Anakin who became hero in the clone wars
      His looks made him famous
      His song made a fame

      But that is until
      Anakin fell into dark side because of a Sith Lord
      His fame also lead into hate
      As Anakin killed lot of Jedis
      His antics let the beginning of his downfall
      Like driving illegally
      Spitting on his fans
      Peeing on a bucket
      Insulting famous people like Bill Clinton and Anne Frank
      They will be remembered In history
      But he won’t

      The guy I once knew
      I once loved him
      His love is now my regret and hatred
      I am sorry if I hurt you but
      This is how I felt

    • Okay, frankly, I don’t like Justin Bieber either, but you can’t just say that they way he makes his music his horrible because that really depends on the person. Every individual has their own taste in music and the “Beliebers” can just have their own taste in music.

    • U ain’t have no ryt to kill people ……..Wat is D big deal if Metallica is not liked???no big deal……..people r just jealous of JB having more fans!!!!

  2. I am a girl and I hate justin Bieber..I like metal though..My favorite bands are Metallica, Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth..I am into metal…Metal for life

  3. I hate this guy more than anything..He does not have manners…Thumbs up for your work….Metallica is probably the best and biggest band in the world…and this piece of crap is….Nothing

  4. ooh woahg … ohh woahg… u know u lo0ve me. u know u care. just shout whenever an dill be there u are my love u are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart oh are we an item girl wqquit playing were just friends what are u saying said thers anntoher look right in my eyes my first love broke my heart fro the firsat btime and i was like abby bay baby ooohhh… that should be me holding ur hand that should be me buying u ngifts that should be me making u laugh oohh that should be em that should be me..

  5. when i met u girl my heart went knock knock and the butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop even tho its a struggle love is all we got and we gonna keep keep climbin to the moutain top cuz ur world is my world and ur fight is ,my fight an dur breathe is my breahe cu zgiurl u on are my one love my on eheart my on elife for sure lemme tell you one time

    • Hey Haters..I think we have got one here…Kill him before he lays eggs….Seriously what the hell is this..Did you bunk your english classes? Do you know how to use comma and full stop?

  6. Who said all girls love him…/I wanna slap him..Nicely written and well researched..Thanks for making my day..

  7. LOL…Great article..I liked how you have given proof of everything..This b**** does not deserve the respect he is getting..i wish there was no justin in this world….I am into metal…Pantera !!! You know

  8. Really? Cause 34% of the worlds population are beliebers and if he’s “not talented” then how is he famous? Ohh that’s right everyone thought he was good and they MADE him famous. He was discovered not bought. He actually doesn’t use autotune obviously you haven’t listened to his covered and in some songs he does but very little and it’s rare too. And he doesn’t sing like a girl, he hit puberty along time ago and I highly doubt, that you could sing any better than him. That’s what I thought. You don’t know what it is like to be under a microscope of the whole world who watches your every move and when you make a tiny mistake like every teenager then they make fun of you, beat you up about about it, create false stories, make you sound worse than you really are. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. Stop judging him. Maybe he has different opinions than you about song choice or bands that he likes. So what we all do. Ughhh. You are really annoying and if his fans didn’t care then why would they defend him all day every day from people like you? They care about him and his music not just his looks. Beliebers that have been there from the beginning aren’t shallow people like you think. The media has created this monster that everyone believes is justin, but I’m telling you it’s not. The real justin isn’t like this. This is what you haters and media people have done to him and created him to be. You don’t know the real justin like beliebers do and obvioulsy you will never. You people have this image in your head of what beliebers are. You guys think we are stuck up, superficial, perverts who only care about how Justin looks. Well try again. That is not us. We are not and will never be like that.

    • Hey..stupid girl,34% of the world population are his fans?Too bad little girl..the world is slightly bigger than your neighborhood. I don’t blame you for liking that asshole,Guess you got zero talent,so anything above zero should look marvelous to you.And quit talking as if you understand music.I am not a metal fan myself, but I can tell atleast which is good music. And Justin Beiber to music is what cancer is to humanity.Feel free to reply back,I don’t mind trashing a Belieber or whatever, again and again.

    • I am definately on your path! Beliebers have a really high standard! And that’s maybe the reason we dont give two fucks about what youll say! And metallica, like seriously are you so bloody lifeless to like a band where in is it difficult to identify whether they are girls or guys and you say that Bieber is gay!! I mean howwww????
      And yes, how can you compare a solo singer witha group.. Then, i would rather compare me with a buch of grapes, and i would definately prove to be better! Calm yourself okay! You have no damn rights to be so judgemental! You Lifeless Stinky Piece of Cow Crap and Horse Poop…! You stink!

      • Damn…You said bad about Metallica.. your name..””Isne bacha liya behanji aapko””..but FYI Your PIECE OF SHIT is a big fan of metallica,,,And I am not comparing them to thIS piece of shit..He started saying things like- METAL SUCKS ..LOL..The song he sings in that video is Metallica’s Fade To Black..behenji..

      • Finally a smart belieber! You deserve an award for “Most realistic fan ever”. I hate how fans are so blind by him, they think he’s a saint, but you proved us wrong and not all beliebers are stupid 🙂

    • “Everyone thought he was good” what kind of planet do you live in? And also, popular does not equal quality. As I once read in Tumblr, “He’s Twilight popular, not Harry Potter popular”. He’s not as good as his fans believe he is.

    • Um I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything; but even if supposedly 34% of the world love him I never heard of him getting nominated for an International music award or whatever they’re called. I may not be a fan of heavy metal, but I do respect it. I consider heavy metal a cousin genre of rock and alternative rock, so I take offense for those bands. Even if he didn’t publicly insult bands like My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, and Shine down I still take offense. My Chemical Romance was nominated for an International music award before they broke up. FYI I don’t appreciate those comments considering My Chemical Romance supported gay rights (and some of the members were probably bi) so including him in the gay community is an offense in my probably twisted mind.

  9. His musics are nothing but just bullshit. .
    He can impress few girls singing some heart break songs. . ( are they songs or bullshit, whatever. . . )
    I am a sound engineer, I love pop, rock, metal, blues bla bla bla. .
    But his type of song. . . ? Hell No. Justify urself. .
    2ndly, I dnt give a shit of him. .
    Better promoting what u lyk than complaining what u hate actually. Isnt it?
    I won’t say programming iz dat easy, and drum programmers new that, but whatever music and the lyrics should deal with real world issues, not those bullshit heartbearts

  10. You better shut yo big fat mouth if u didnt know anything bout him, U r just jealous of his life so BAck OFF MAN! He got the fame the money and you? Haha. You’re not even a belieber or anywho to him, youre juat a hater who hates him but im pretty sure you secretly loves him bc u spend yo time describing justin bieber and searching the bad information of him 😉

  11. His music stinks? His voice sounds like a girl? U better check yo ear bc thats not true, its frickin 2014! His voice is better than you, im pretty sure that youre an ugly fat ass girl who wants guy attention. And anyway, by writing this doesnt make you pretty or what, but it makes you look uglier and hey, thankyou for your time describing justin bieber 😉 if next time u see him, say these stupid stuff to his face and let us see if u’re better than him 😉

    • What the hell have you been drinking?! This so called “singer” went to an underaged bar a year ago and lied about about his age! And wait a minute, how do you even know that Justin didn’t get sex change?! Hell! He could be a female for we know!

  12. Babe ur hate doesnt bring him dont he dont give too shits if u hate him did u forget he has 1,000 beliebers he doesnt even need u. Your just a waste of sperm and egg so please get a life. #BiebersMine

    • OMG? That is good really good. He has 1000 dumb fans only..If you like him you are welcome to kiss his A$$..Lets see how far can you go…Atleast I am doing something and not kissing some persons a##..Like you are doing..So who is the waste of Sperm and egg?

  13. Well those who hate bieber can’t even get close to kissing his ass and thanks for not liking him cause I don’t think he would even keep you and the rest of the haters out there as cleaner…

    • Hahaha..You are dumb..If you really love him then why did you search “Why people hate justin bieber on Google”?..I BET that is how you came here..Even you know he is hated worldwide..

  14. Wow are you kidding me “he looks like a girl!” Are you fucking kidding me HOW!!! And you’re saying “I don’t like him cuz he makes fun of people” well hello hipercrite!!

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  16. Wow wow calm the heck Down do your saying that Justin is bad Pearson cause he doesn’t treat people good ? Your. Not any better to be judging him, your saying stuff to people like, “hope you go to hell,hope you die in a car accident”and calling people names! At least he doesn’t say that to his haters or anybody unlike you wishing him death even if you hate that person that much please don’t wish death to anybody I don’t think you’d like someone to wish death to you or your whole family would you? Only god can judge him and your not in any position to judge him cause sure you’ve made fatter mistakes then he’s done the only difference is he’s are being told to the world and yours aren’t

    • I said that to a spammer..You know the meaning of spammer???? Dont spread shit here…”And only god can judge him”..Sorry but I am an atheist…LOL..And his dumb fans said things like – “You are a waste of sperm and Egg” so ..Tit for TAT.,,I am a better person than he will ever be…I have never killed anyone with my car..I have never disrespected legends like The Beatles….I have never abandoned my pets..I have never used drugs..I have never defaced public property…And most important..I have never tried to be an internet music sensation because I know I don’t have the talent it requires to be a TRUE musician…Now get the hell out of here

    • RRRRRR biever that peice a shiz, he deserves to go to hell, and stay there. See his fat face!! It is horrid. And you all no thaat is true, so all his beiver faced believers, if you love him so much go join him but u trust me…. Hi wont give u no shiz.

  17. Why are people defending him? I mean are they just stupid or did they have a substantial blow to the head, or maybe lose all brain functions? The guy’s a f*cking douche!

  18. today.. justin bieber voice now sounds like my bestfriend.. his voice are common to teenagers lots of teenagers has his voice.. the first justin bieber song i heard was baby feat ludacris (my aunt force me to hear it) and she ask whether the singer is a boy or girl.. and i said girl.. hahaha.. he is famous just because of his fashion and looking. if people love him becoz of personalities and attitude.. then they are evil themselve.

  19. You forgot a few things.
    Disrespecting former president Bill Clinton.
    Dressing as a slob in front of prime minister Steven Harper
    and throwing eggs at people’s houses. Also he disrespects his only friends allowing them to get arrested to take his fall. But there is a plus side. Orlando Blooms punched Bieber in the face.:)

  20. Why did you have to do this? Honestly, you take some of your time to write about someone you hate. Like why? I respect that you hate him, but why? Did he do anything to you? Like directly to you? No. So don’t even hate on him. You just don’t like his music. So get your head out of your ass and get a life. Okay? Okay.

  21. Dude you’re absolutely right! But what I find hard to agree is that you mentioned that jack***’s age and wrote “He’s too young to love…” and that right there is something retarded. I’m surprised to see that a smart individual like you believe in that bulls**t age matter. Man this is 21st century for crap’s sake..! And you probably have the heard the saying: “there is no age to be in love” so what’s with the age thing??? Are you seriously against teen-love??
    I hope you’re not..

    • Read it again, i said: BEFORE DATING SELENA GOMEZ, ALL HIS SONGS WERE ABOUT LOVE..I dont think he ever fell in love with someone before selena..Even if he did, How can he know what is it to trully love someone? He is changing his GFs like clothes…Its not love..
      Anyways I copied that part from another website..No need to be serious here

  22. So true! He’s has no right to hate on metal. I honestly don’t listen to metal, I’m into post hardcore (don’t kill me) and metalcore/deathcore and stuff but hey, no right to hate. This bieber kid must have no idea what good music is. Retard….

  23. I get you bro! But he’s not changing anything because he’s gay and he’s been a gay from the start. Everyone knows it lol

  24. People just like to hate, and people also copy other people, if someone told you JB was a dick and you hadn’t even heard of him, if someone then asked you if you’ve heard of JB you’d say ‘yeah, he’s a dick’, it’s crazy. No one really knows him and yes he makes himself look bad but he is talented and you can’t say he isn’t. If he didn’t have talent, why would he be discovered in the first place? If you don’t like him then that’s fine but he can do some awesome things with his voice, and he can play guitar and drums so all you jealous haters just leave JB alone.

  25. Guys started to hate JB when their girlfriends wanted JB more than them. So they started to call him ‘gay’. That’s so stupid. And because of all this hate, anybody can feel pressurized. And when your in pressure and you got people waiting to see you fall, you make some decisions that thousands of people criticise you for. And then again, he’s famous. He’s got media to make things worse. And the haters. When he makes a mistake under pressure, people judge him. When he donates $50,000 to charity. Nobody notices.

    And about his face, GOD made that. You can’t judge creations of God.
    And about the ‘As Long As You Love Me’ title, Back Street Boys didn’t bought that title. Anybody can use it. I’m no hater of BSB, but ‘JB stole a title’, like seriously? Normal people even use that title…

    And when he does something bad, its not because he’s actually bad. He’s trying to change his mood because of all the haters, the constant criticism, paparazzi, media… Anybody can make mistakes when you got so many people judging you.

    And when people say he has no talent and his music is bad, then have you ever heard ‘Believe’? Have you ever hear ‘Be Alright’? Have you heard ‘Down To Earth’? Have you heard ‘Pray’? If he didn’t have TALENT, why was he DISCOVERED?

    And if you hate his so much, then why do you even take time out to describe your hate for him? That’s stupid. Usually, when people hate something or somebody, they try to AVOID it. Not write about it.

    Just stating the facts. Don’t read, if your too dumb for it.

    • You made my day….LOL….Go through the comments again,, please….I make money by writing this because dumbasses like you search for this..The more you search, the more money I make….
      And sorry I havent heard those pathetic songs…I just heard BABY and I was like “WTF was that?”….I thing you should give a try to Cannibal Corpse..There is a slight chance that you might come back to your senses..When you head the screams..

  26. What’s wrong with getting song-writers to write songs for you? And if his music wasn’t great, why would they hit No.1? And if he had no talent, why was he discovered? And if he doesn’t like metal bands, what’s wrong with that? If he made his guards carry him, and his guards did, what’s your problem? He pays them. And about driving bad, many teenagers do that. And what’s so wrong about not wanting to keep his pet any more? Instead of giving it to somebody else, he left him. That’s not SO bad. And if he peed in a mop bucket, everybody makes mistakes like that. Even bigger mistakes. But they are forgiven. Its all because he is a celebrity. And you guys say he’s a bad idol, well when he was sent to court, the court reported that Justin was crying and saying ‘What about Beliebers? I can’t believe I let them down’.

    You guys can’t see Justin’s good side.

    Everybody makes mistakes, and they are forgiven but when a celebrity makes mistakes, its a huge deal.

    • 1- Real bands or musicians write their songs.
      2- He was discovered to make money.
      3- He doesnt like metal, its ok but why desrespect bands like Metallica, Beatles…Who are much bigger than what you will ever be
      4- LOL, Seriously..Guards carry persons? I think they were for protection
      5- They do but he is a celebrity (unfortunately). He does not have right to kill people.
      6- Pets are not chips packet. You can not leave them here or there. if you are taking responsibility then you must keep them safe.
      7- Peeing in mop bucket? WHo the fuck makes mistakes like that? are you out of your mind?
      8 – really, he said this? means he regrets..oh I am so sorry bieber…
      wait..If he cares then why does he keep repeating these mistakes.

      Yes, when a celebrity makes mistakes its a huge deal ( more than 50 mistakes LOL)..CELEBS HAVE A GREAT IMPACT ON CHILDREN..

      • I agree with almost everything, but the part of “real artists write their own music”. I know most do, but I know a couple of hella talented singers that don’t compose their music. Just because they don’t write their music doesn’t make them bad singers. But I’m not defending Justin, I still dislike him lol

  27. You are awesome man!
    The guy, girls love so much spits on fans, get along with drugs, goes to jail and still smiles and ask if his beliebers still love him?
    I hate his music, I hate his voice, I hate his face.. I Hate Everything about him!
    The guy who not only compares himself to kurt cobain but hates people who listen to metal and metalica is just disgusting.
    This is one of the best article I came across.

  28. So, you think that all the bull shit reasong you gave up there is what makes Justin Bieber what you think he is, then let me tell you that you are a f***ing anon! You think he criticizes the beetles, then what are you doing? He doesnot sound like a girl! He is a perf and if you hate him, then my friend you have no life..! His music is mind blowing. All reasons that you gave doesnot prove any shit! You haters just see the bad side of his, but what about the second side haa.! Every human on earth is two faced, but unfortunately jufgement takes place only on the bad side, specially people like you! After reading what you have written about him, let me judge you on your bad side and then dare to post anymore comments! You are a depressed human who has no life who listens to music of the beetles! Like so LIFELESS..! You drink amd you smoke, which is fine for you but not for a star! A SUPERSTAR! If you compare the beetles and Justin then let me remind you that the beetles have not as many fans and afmierers as those of Justin though they are a band of 4 and have a mixture of voices! Justin is a new start and is livin this during the life of his teenage and is no membe of any band! And if you think that maybe we as beliebers are stupid to love Justin, then you my friend as a himan are no better than an animal to judge him! Have you ever asked the question why 1/3 of the world love him and figts for him though the 2/3 of the world pushes them down? No. Because you know that if we take our stand, we could easily beat the majority underground! He is a human! And let me tell you this, that even thought you hate him from every piece in your heart, the day you will see him with your eyes you will run to him and ask for a picture with him! Youll show that picture to your friwnds and theyll be like he’s that guy whom you hate but still you took a picture and had a chat with him, WOW! And those moments will be the most memorable moment of youre life!
    You have no rights to criticize anyone the way you have done it, cuz when you look at the mirror what you see is your biggest enemy! You have to first make yourself a saint to prove others a devil! And Yes! Never Ever Hurt Beliebers This Way! Cuz if you’ll are elephants, than we are dinosours! NeVeR SaY HaTe<3
    If you cant take it as a choice, than take it as a warning!

  29. Bieber Is awesome Besides Im a Man And Me And My. Girlgriend Love Him Besides One Direction Too So Fuck You all Ignorants Its Just Music I Love Listen To Him Even My Idols Are Bieber And Zayn Malik You are Just Envy Bichte’s Forever Belictioner Boy

  30. If that little a##wiping shit ever groped my breasts, first of all if he ever got close enough to me To grab my breast Id beat the sh-t outta him with a metal pipe. No one has any right to publically grope a woman especially not some p-ss ant no talent hack.

  31. What i really think is girls will like anybody who becomes famous, talented or not and ugly or not, you had people like notorious b.i.g, which im a big fan of by the way, was one of the ugliest dudes in the business but his talent and fame had girl comin out of their pants for him, same with rick ross and Michael Jackson after some surgeries. Then u had ppl like Aaron careter, who was one of the worst singers ive ever heard in my opinion but his nick carter/jesse mccartney looks was what got him all females. My point is guys and alot girls are different in many ways when it comes to talent, guys will keep it real, like for instance, when willow smith came out with whip my hair, girls and guys were digging it, but hardly any guys of all ages said they thought of her is the one to date just cause she had a nice voice, girls will like just about anyone who starts out big at an early age, its called teen dream lovers man. History proves that almost every male singer who came out as a young kid, talented or not was famous to teen dream lovers and no matter what we can get rid of them sad to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion but the truth is just because someone looks good to u doesnt automatically make him or her talented no matter what the accomplishments, its been provin in the pass decade that u dont have to be talented to make it big, just listen to certain ppl on the radio music has slowly.become a big joke in this generation, but most of beieber fans on my opinion are kiss ass teen dream lovers, and the defend him only because the feel no one has a right to speak their mind if they not on the same page, bieber may be famous but that doesn’t make him.better then any of us, him getting recognized by usher dont mean nun ik plenty ppl who can sing way better but choose not to be in the business but could if the really wanted so thanks to the. Small population of beliebers they have truly influenced our generation of music!!!!

  32. If Justin Biebers music is mind blowing…. You can’t have very much of a mind to blow. I don’t wish him death, I do hope that someday he gets sentenced to prison and becomes someone’s play toy…maybe bubba will make him sing baby for him.

  33. I listen to pretty much all genres of music but when a Bieber song comes on, my ears bleed. His music isn’t even the worse thing about him. It’s his attitude, his immaturity and his stupidity. All the things mentioned in the article in fact. Except the appearance thing. A guy that looks feminine isn’t something to hate over. I pity him is all. I’d still be number three in line to punch his girly little face! Btw what is the deal with his (lack of discernible) facial hair? I have more hair sprouting from my back mole than he does on his upper lip. Probably tmi, but seriously I wish he’d disappear back into obscurity where he belongs.

  34. JB’s music sucks I can imagine people who work at radio stations are thinking why the he’ll do we have to play justin bieber’s shifty music for?

  35. It seems like you hate him for mainly two reasons. One, he acts and sings like a girl. Two, he criticized Metallica and Beatles.

    I agree with the second reason. He has no rights to criticize any form of art publically.
    But why do you hate him if he sings like a girl or sing only about girls?? It’s his way of singing. Many people listen to his songs. Though his voice in his songs is like that of girl, many still feel good to listen to his songs.

  36. I recently saw a video wherein that JUSTIN JERkFACE Bieber sits as a celebrity judge in one of the X factor talent shows. Like seriously those contestants would be like “Id rather get disqualified than to sing in front of this Abomination”.

  37. He is just nothing but a TRUE WASTE n HUGE DISGRACE to pop music n thank you he thinks he can make fun of better n talented singers who will always be better than him n he disrespected Michael Jackson The Real and only King of pop makes me horrified towards him n idk y my cousins waste their time with this HORRIBLE role model

    First, I think he was discovered by different people because way back in 2008/2009/2010 (whenever, I don’t really care) there weren’t any famous and ‘fresh’ boy idols and when his mom posted his video on youtube (which was *sort* of a new thing back then) I guess some people thought he was good looking and had a good voice or whatever (and thus we learn some people have a really bad judge of character) and would be great to sign because of all the money he would make. SO PLEASE STOP. (Prove me wrong)
    Two, he does not respect his fans. Like, how would he feel if he spat on you or groped your boobs (or d!ck, whatever) in public? If you feel happy, then I seriously recommend checking into the nearest mental ward. You need help.
    Three, okay, so maybe he doesn’t like Metalica for whatever reason. In that case, you shut up about it and be mature, not hate/bash/think you’re better/the same as every famous pop star/rock star out there. What the fxck, it’s called being mature about it. Especially when there are SO MANY fans of these bands. Are. You. High?!
    Four, if you’re such a huge fan, why the fxck are you here? Are you trying to justify your ‘love’ for him? You’re being awfully unconvincing here.
    Feel free to hate on me below. Your opinion is invalid so I don’t really care. XD

  39. music is commodity like any other products so they are not immune to criticism and mockery. celbrities are Fucking homo sapiens, they are there to entertain us. but clearly others take them too seriously and worship them.
    JB is no exception.
    I do agree with you in many points, but I can give a little reasoning for some of his actions.
    1. the peeing incident : well it isn’t that outlandish disgusting thing, at least NOW he proved us wrong all the while we thought he PEES while sitting.
    2. egging, reckless behavior: the guy’s body is fully laced with marijuana, so he isn’t in touch with reality.
    3. fanbase : mostly teen girls, and we all know that hormones during this period reign supreme, they got no brains but vaginas up their heads, thats why all are drawn to him because of his looks.
    4. disrespecting other artists : anyone has the right to like or dislike whatever he wants, but showing disrespect to anyone is another whole notion, I am going to show sympathy for he is a kid of a never-married single mom, and she failed miserably at raising him. what is exceptionally laughable is that she capitalised of his status by publishing a biography of hers. I didnt see it, I guess could be titled confessions of a failed mother.
    jb acts with swag, self-entitlement and shitty behavior as if he didnt came out to life through the bacteria-filled, nasty, hairy, mucous containg hole, I.e VAGINA. but then again I might be wrong this guy could be a member of the club of many other celeb dunces that grace our screens and radio, who were impregnated through the ANUS.

  40. sadly for all of us every year that passes by, we will regret the day that if Bieber sr( I don’t mean his current adoptive black dad) had emptied his nuts content by other means, ( masturbation), the same rule applies for his mama.
    thanks jb for shattering our belief that u only pee sitting, and thanks giving us a new tool to identify morons and stupid people.

  41. Well i agree with you that he sucks. He doesn’t have talent, he’s gay, he cannot sing. Wtf happen to this world! Metallica, Beatles wait a second now I hate more justina gayber, he doesn’t know about music. Really? The Beatles is the best band ever and Metallica is awesome. I do not know why justin is in america that’s the biggest mistake ever . he’s just a piece of shit. He doesn’t belong in this world. Thank you so much for saying that Michael Jackson is awesome because he is awesome, he’s a lot better than just in a gayber. I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson he is the best, and I’m a fan of the Beatles. Thank you for published this article and you should put more info why we hated a lot justina gayber.

  42. I am a person who appreciate all genres of music, but when someone does not appreciate what has been achieved by metallica, I will kill him, even when he had a dream, I would haunt his dreams to kill him.

  43. Well first of all even god knows justin beiber sucks and for him to compare yourself to mj,beatles,metallica, and kurt you should be deny access into heaven at all cost should not even call youself a human being. Like you should even call yourself an teenager after distespecting kurt cobain period hell even hitler should be allowed in heaven before you and people like beatles elvis micheal jackson metallica and kurt paved the way for almost everybody in the music industry dumb fuck you wouldnt even be here if it wasnt for the backstreet bous cause they were influenced by mj who pees in buckets is truly mentally retarded and that is not for the people who are truly ill this is for the ones who are inmature and im only 18 and i act like im 30 like you should be ashamed of your self. And for the girl is so in LOVE with this dick you would be trying to strangle this bastard if he had spit on you after you just pay about 200 bucks to see this idoit and then you want to disrepect ann frank are fucking kidding me? Like you dont even know how much she had to sacrifice and go through to surive the holocost his ass would havent been burn in the oven woth rest of the 6 nillion poor jews that suffered a terrible fate like she literally webt through hell and for you to say she should be a beileber like fucking burn your self alive you ungrateful peice of shit. And then you come at someone like drake bell who created one of the best shows with josh peck and miranda cosgrove like im a ninties kid and only ninties kids is going to agree with me that nick cartoon network and disney is totally not what is one back then and thats just the truth like he was probaly siiting at home watching the show laughing and enjoying good quality acting and you cant get that theses days you cant after icarly went off i was truly done with all three completely the only thing that brought me back was regular show besides that everything else sucks but now back to this fucktard you should just stop and die seriously and i mean that in the most polite way that anyone can say even tge queen cant say it more polite love this article btw

  44. Did you hear his music? Seriously, my 3 yr old sis heard his music and guess what? She yelled out “Make that music stop! It is horrrible! What sorta girl sings like that!”

  45. Right this is pissing me off! Yeah he’s not perfect, he’s done mistakes but not being funny but EVERYONE including you makes mistakes. Yeah, he says he hates people who listens to rock music, who cares!? That’s his fucking opinion.
    He has a right to have his own opinion and so does everyone else. You don’t know, you don’t know what he’s gone through so why judge him? Its pathetic.
    Your all being pathetic for judging him, not being funny but I bet most of you if not SOMEONE on here who has commented is against bullying, well what the fuck is this then? Your all bullyimg him, he isn’t perfect and neither are you.

    Grow the fuck up

  46. You’re so right! I knew some of those things but I didn’t know he disrespected Metallica, which is my favorite band ever! And he DOES look like a girl especially because he has an earring and looks like he wears makeup. XP man jewelry is gross.

  47. Douche bag JBis way hottet than any of you(maybe) but yet again JB has feelings and he dates girls and sounds like a guy and who gives a shit if he uses autotune and if he looks like a girl than i’am proberly a lesbian becuase last time i saw justin had more than 10 mil followers and you only have like 1 k followers atleast JB gets the girl ps what ever the fuck jb did wrong we girls will always love him altough we can’t have him.

  48. Nice work, man. But I hate him because he hates ponies (MLP: FiM), he had drugs, he hates Windows 7, he likes Windows 8 and Metro crap, he hates anime, he is gay etc. I never heard the Beatles. Justine Gayb#tch must die! Justin Bieber’s Baby have more dislikes than likes and I disliked it. PSY’s Gangnam Style have more views than Justin Bieber’s Baby.

  49. Typical human behavior! Look for some most successful persons and discredit all his/her achievement as not honestly earned. That’s pure jealousy. While ignoring your own failure and attacking those one who have achieved, that’s call projection. Your life must be very lonely and miserable as you have so much time in your hand create a blog and hate on some person who haven’t done anything wrong to you personally. If you don’t like him, ignore him. It is as simple as that.

  50. I was quite neutral about Bieber. I do not listen to his music because I don’t like it for a few normal reasons. I did not know about him. If this is all true, I do feel as if he is over- rated by his over- protective fans. So many times he’s disrespected people. Activities like peeing in a bucket with a mop in it, it’s obviously used to clean your floors. Spitting on his fans? That’s just gross and shows utmost lack of respect for his fans! And getting songs written by others is okay. Copying song titles, I think that has happened a lot of times with other artists (Maybe. IDK) but declaring hate for other artists or copying thier styles is not nice for him as well. He should really come up with his own ideas. I don’t think he’s taking it too far without his money.

  51. First of all pretty good article. It explains a lot about this jerk and pretty clear. Hadnt read such a good article in a few days. Good work. Being a fan is another thing but being defensive towards your favourite singer for all his mistakes is bullshit. Belibers( seriously? I didnt knew people had found another term to replace assholes haha) say that everybody makes mistakes and Bieber should be forgiven. But they should also know that common people get punished for the same crimes and stupid celebs like bieber get away with it. I hate him for every reason you wrote up there. He looks like a girl but it is not bad what is most annoying that he has been always about money. He is not a good model for anyone. He takes drugs, he drives recklessly, he annoys his neighbours, he spits on his fans( and those assholes still love him), he disrespects other singers, he groped a girl( seriously? This means he doesnt even respect his real fans that is girls) he thinks he would have been the favourite singer of anne frank which is the worst part. After reading her diary I had big respect for her in my heart and he disrespected her. People still love him without seeing that he is a jerk and always escaped punishment by using his money. And I have also read some people saying about his good side and someone said about charity. I laughed a lot after I searched about that charity. It was a fucking plea bargain for one of his crimes. He spend 50k dollars because he knew he would lose more if he gets into jail. He didnt mean to do charity. He just wanted to save him. I really hate him. And all real music lovers just go to baby song on youtube and hit dislike if you havent. 40 million real music fans have already disliked it. Be a part of it.

  52. I do not hate Justin bieber. But i hate it when girls say, ‘People are jealous of him’ am not jealous of bieber,he just suck me because he sucks and people still like him alot than Musicians who r truly talented. Let me add that he also sounds like a b***h

    • This is too fuckin funny, haven’t yall Notices that every person whos got on here to defend him is a female? That should say something, i don’t understand why yall females waste your time defending him and getting so mad at people for expressing their opinions about him, which are mainly facts, of course hes human and makes mistakes like we do but yall still treat him like hes perfect, yall spend years hating on people like Michael Jackson, or chris Brown for hitting rihanna for they mistakes the Justin beiber you saw years ago is definitely not the beiber we see today, hes been locked up as we all know, charged for assault multiple times, the only reason he hasn’t had to pay much for his crimes because of his money, hes also disrespectful to not only fans but other celebrities, some of the most respected cerleberties like eminem, nicki minaj, seth Rogan, and big sean have all had bad things to say about him so if its just us being jealous and not appriciateing good talent then how come the celebs don’t have respect for him? And if hes so good at performing then why hasn’t he won awards for his music? When was the last time they played his music on the radio, these days u can find all his songs on YouTube or mp3 sites but not on air, you don’t see teen dreams in the audience when singers go on stage to get an award its grown adults, the most annoying thing about him is his personality, always trying to act black, this dude got all these tatts and showing off his muscles like he hard, last i checked females didn’t like cocky dudes but Justin is the perfect example, he think any females would want like when he was touching all over ariana grande at her concert and she had to shove him off and big sean called him out on Twitter, yall beliebers should shoot yall selves in the head cause yall are so obsessed with someone who is complete disgrace to music and our opinions won’t stop til yall learn to grow the fuck up

  53. U are right, people who like Justin are gay faggots with no life, I’m with u bro, and yea, his music is shit, i recommend Michael Jackson instead of this Gay C0CK-sucking hating faggot lol.

  54. Justin bieber is a fucking dick face …. Here’s the poem to insult him
    I once knew a guy who used to sing for his fans
    His songs charmed the girls
    Like Anakin charmed Padmè
    He became famous because of that song
    Like Anakin who became hero in the clone wars
    His looks made him famous
    His song made a fame

    But that is until
    Anakin fell into dark side because of a Sith Lord
    His fame also lead into hate
    As Anakin killed lot of Jedis
    His antics let the beginning of his downfall
    Like driving illegally
    Spitting on his fans
    Peeing on a bucket
    Insulting famous people like Bill Clinton and Anne Frank
    They will be remembered In history
    But he won’t

    The guy I once knew
    I once loved him
    His love is now my regret and hatred
    I am sorry if I hurt you but
    This is how I felt
    I hope he burns in hell

  55. Why so much hate xD like who cares if he talks shit about metal or any music basically, its his opinion. You guys talk shit about his music so just stfu cx he has never done shit to any of you or am I wrong ?

  56. Yall girls should listen to yall selves when yall defend him ” who cares if he talk shit” who cares if he pees in a bucket” w
    ” who cares if he spits on his fans”? You know what magna…how about you let him spit in your face and talk shit about you lol, i bet you would pay him to di that since u love riding his dick so much, obviously yall have nothing to back him up with so yall will.say dumbsit like who cares.. yall have no respect for fans or anybody just think its funny how yall will talk shit about anyone else but Justin who clearly has no game in what he does is not even acknowledged because yall will fall so inlove wirh his looks, grow the fuck up, id pick cody Simpson, jesse mccartney, or nick jonas over him, but Justin beiber? They should make a separate planet called bieber world and put all yall beiliebers there cause thats where yall belong, yall will disrespect us for acknowledging the disrespect hes shown to so many people and yall will applaud him just because of the way he looks, females in this generation are wack af

  57. I can’t understand why idiot fangirls still love him after reading this TRUE reasons . Believers will not accept the truth Justin bieber is a faggot I hope he will lose his fame bieber sucks

  58. We love gustin bieber because he is best in the world he sings better than every band like one direction,metallica etc he is single but better than other bands…….

  59. Yeah…hes the best alright, better then metallica! That explains why they have awards and beiber has NONE! Not to mention how bieber only has had two or three of his songs played on the radio through his entire career while metallica has had multiple through the years, and are considered legends with a fanbase that consists of all sorts of people all over the world while Justin fanbase only consits of bielibers, which is young immature females who don’t like people for their music but for the way they look and how they present themself as a singer or person, do that math youngins, yall can make all theses positive statements about hom and rufuse to acknowledge the wrongs he does because yall don’t wanna accept us being right about him, but yall can’t even prove not one thing yall say about him u just say it just to say idc, ill like him regardless because he that damn cute that theres abosutlry no wrong he can do, whether its murdering someone, raping, or being charged for assault and wreckless driveing multiple times, yall say its mistakes but Justin has never been sorry, til this day u occasionally here about something hes doing that involves police, we’re talking about a kid who smiled on his mugshot like it was a highschool picture, meaning im not ashamed, and while many grown folks will say thats very disrespectful and immature of him all his believer fans will look and say oh “oh look! Justin is smiling on his mug and i think thats super cute” obviously theres nothing anyone can do or say to convince yall otherwise but the facts are there and its been proven but yall still in denial because yall don’t wanna be wrong, thats all i have to say just grow up already

  60. what? jb wants to be compared with the Music God Michael Jackson? omg! was dat sun of beach, madafaka drunk? i dont’s like to say anything about Beatles or Metallica etc. but about mj? I’m gonna fuck dat girl! jb knows mj well? his popularity? even a fool can compare anybody with the king of pop! Michael Jackson is far far better than Beatles, Elvis Presley, Metallica whatever u say! He is the Music Ruler! changed the music world alone by himself! the best entertainer of all time! even u can’t compare Elvis, Beatles and others with MJ! I’m so surprised. Canada got a shit! oh god take Dustbin Gayber Back! MJ WILL ALWAYS BE MJ! people will forget other Singer and band but never mj! Even nowadays many people don’t know Elvis, Metallica, john Lennon, Beatles! but if u ask them about MJ, they will smile and say, “Heyyy .. i know that Guy ” bcz mj is mj .. different from other .. #MJForever

    and if i ever see that fuckshit Bieber, I’m gonna ***************

  61. one i dont like him he have a creepy little voice and he keep saying baby all the song and hwy does everyone like him i wish a terminator would kill him and then the world be happy and safe without his weird girly voice . i dont like him at all and everyone know he have problem with black people. remember he keep saying black people are afraid of chain saws. i didnt think that was fun that was childish and silly ihope his fan get sick of him just like the noah brothers and big time rush there was famous one time and nto i hope he just be a dream and go away. i think one direction can out sing him and smash his girly voice. let get a termintaor from the movie and tell it to kill him.

  62. you all r mad .you know nothing about job. and u will never understand such things because your head will mess up. jb is a great person. you think what u say would be true??. huh??.

  63. Justin Bieber is hell to the music industry the fact he even exists makes me mad. he’s a talentless hack like Pewdiepie come at me Pewdiepie fans but Beliebers are worse I hate those faggots but I hope Justine burns in hell but hell is too kind even for him he should be dead so we don’t hear his garbage ever again and he should come out the closet and admit he’s a gay but even the gays don’t want him. but Justina is a better name for this transsexual gayass singer he should go to hell for ruining the music industry. FUCK JUSTINA TO HELL! Metal and Rock Forever. fuck pop garbage end of rant.

  64. Omg seriously
    He is so bad to society and his own fans.
    He should read and realise.
    Whatever he did hardwork too and whatever it’s just a matter of taste and ones personal choice.
    My eardrums hurts.
    I love Metallic “they are forever legends” and 30 seconds to Mars too.

    P.s. And yeah this new generation teen specific go on looks more and then voice. And later at 20 or 22 realise the bullshit they used to hear.

  65. well although im not a fan of metallica & the beatles, but im agree w/ you. My idol Skrillex turn into the shit after colaborating w/ Jb. fck him, crush my idol into the piece of music trash.

  66. Hes so desperate for fame, thats why he does a whole bunch of crazy shit, so that adult viewers will look on TMZ and YouTube and read is story, because he’s tired of being on the front page of teen magazines. He writes documentaries about himself that no one cares about, he tries so hard to inspire black friends by acting black and befriending black cerleberties like floyd mayweather. He begs other singers like chris Brown and Nicki minaj to include him in their music And he gets people like drake and ariana grande to help promote his songs for him because he can’t attract more then just a few atilesent teenage girls who only like singer for popularity and not talent, but nevertheless if hes so talented like yall say then why he has to go out of his way. To get acknowledged

  67. He will never be Michael Jackson or metallica, unlike bieber they didn’t have to beg and go out their way to get people to notice them, they all captued the fans doing things their way, Michael Jackson was inspired by is talent, his incredible dancing and music ideas, metallic gave 80s fans things to remember from generationtions, beiber came out when i was in tenth grade, and the most hes ever done is captue the eyes of young teenage girls, no nominations, no awards, just a couple songs of his ever made it on air, cause adults don’t wanna hear his shit, unlike Michael Jackson hes nothing without media, his producers, and beiliebers. The media has to push him in the spotlight by putting his on magazines they don’t belong, putting him on shows, and helping him ask others singer to promote his music, if he better then he could captured fans doing things his way, he just be another youtube singers out of the millions and the only reason he became famous is because usher decided to go on YouTube and give him a chance chance, even drake told the media he helped promoted him because he felt SORRY for him!

  68. OMG! well, u guys are not a fan of JB. so u just point his negative attitutes. u said he ruined the public property. even more normal people do taht thing. but u dont’t care abut them buz they are just normal people. u r caring about this just because he is a celeb. you mentioned that he sings for girls. ofcrs!! because he is a BOY! he has to sing for Girls! that why guys are for…. and not all the girls love him just because he is hot or sth else. there are lots of guys who are hot and cute (more then JB). I agree with u that he’s been wild but he’s a boy… boys cant be as quite as girls. i know him for 7 years, since he was a kid. But it doesnt mean that he’s a wonderful perosn. but he’s LIVING his life for himself. finaly “Dont always look others negative habbits, they too have lots of positive thoughts and personality”. 🙂

    • Bileber! Yes you sounds like one of those dumb people. Boys should sings for girls? wtf man! Is that what a real artist do huh?!

      and what do you expect from people, when beiber being an A-hole.

  69. At least jb was right about his song “never say never”

    About 2 weeks before almost everyone started hating on jb I checked out his song “never say never”

    The second I was done watching it, I said to my self Justin will never get more dislikes then likes he had about 5 million likes

    Then when everyone started turning against jb I saw with my own eyes jb having 5000 likes while his dislikes was about 200,000


  70. I have hell no idea what metalika is… Or whatever. But what i do know is that You all are just jealus of JB. Totes stupid
    Just like You. But i dont blame You… He is a verry tallented rich person that everybody even nerdhaeds like You wanna be.

  71. I’m neither a bieber fan nor a hater…m a music lover…I just wanna say dat if u pay respect, then people will respect u…respect is like a ball thrown up in air, it again comes 2 u and disrespect is like spiting up in air without knowing dat it’ll return to u on ur face..If bieber has insulted legends like “THE BEATLES” then its his fault and he should pay 4 it…
    ..peace lover..

  72. Why justin, I don’t want you to go to hell, because were all human. and I’m more concerned about his pet monkey, did it survive???
    also why hate on bieber, when you could ***HELP THE ABUSED???*** But yes… his songs suck 😛
    and lets just hope that the abused are in a better place now… Pray (silently) with me if you want.

  73. Do I think Justin Bieber is a terrible person yes do I think he needs to be punished for some of the stupid shit he has done yes.

    • just stfu how many grammys have you won for critizing people justin is nice cute funny handsome and talented u hate him because u dont get anything he says in his music he has suffered enough u better shut up and get something good to say about him

  74. Must read article about justin bieber, he is a shame for the american music industry bcoz he disrespected “THE BEATLES” which are the highest selling artists of the music history till infinity.

  75. Wow, you are so right. I am an older person, who listens to classic rock only. You have stated this very well, about Bieber.

    It is no wonder why the youth culture, is waning.

    Add to this, is his depiction of himself, as a Christian, the ultimate in hypocrisy.

  76. I swear, if he ever says shit about Adam Gontier (which there is no shit to say about him anyway), I’ll find him and slit his throat in front of all of his prissy little princess fangirls on live camera.

  77. I’m here to defend Justin Bieber. So many of these so called ‘reasons’ are really not valid reasons to hate someone.
    You know what kind of people I hate? People that create websites hating on other people. How sad and cruel is that?

    Good night

  78. Just leave him alone u guys wouldn’t say this to his face he sings BETTER THAN U so LEAVE HIM ALONE and stop being jealous of him because everyone knows u are!!! Plus is this even nessasery u have to talk about him?? I think not so leave him ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  79. Stop making people hate each other who ever made this blog it’s ur opinion weather u like a singer who mad e SOME stupid mistakes its not ur life I like him how he sings not by how his life outside singing is so have ur own opinion please stop making this an issue I think we all need to get along so PLEASE just drop this

  80. I mean why insult anyone? Just leave the people you hate alone. If you don’t like being mistreated don’t disrespect anyone. I’m just saying. I don’t like Justin Bieber. But why include the hate?

  81. I find this really fun… All this Justin Bieber lovers showing their love can’t even speack english…
    And they don’t even have logic/strong arguments! Just the classic “you hate him because he is better than you!” shit. Please… We are older than 14 for a long time already… Come with something better kids.

  82. I just have one problem with this article : could everyone just stop saying he looks like a girl and sings like a girl that’s insulting to girls…seriously, I’m not kidding. Everything else was spot on…..I found out a lot more about this creature than I would like. So off to cleanse my brain a little. Thank you for the article. I never understood why people hate him till I read this. I didn’t like his songs so I didn’t listen. But after reading all this I understand why most people absolutely hate him.

  83. You haters are all really really being stupid. Justin Beiber has amazing talent and didn’t do the things the writer of this post claims he did! If Justin Beiber was my kid I would he hella PROUD of him. People who spend their time hating on Justin are OBVIOUSLY jealous people who need to get a life!

  84. Come on guys. He isnt evil or anything. Yes he may say inapropriet things but he is ok. It is against the law to tell someone to kill hemself so you might want to take that post down. The monkey thing is cruel but however much you hate this guy he can sing. He has had number 1 singles o tbe charts. I used to really like him but i dont like him too much now but i dont hate him either. Please try to be nice!

  85. An article that I can agree with. Justin Bieber, clearly, is only another act that the music industry utilizes. His music and image is intended to pander to some of the most pathetic low-life teenagers I’ve ever encountered in life. All our maligning definitely has good reasoning.The part that irked me the most was that he belittled the Beatles and Metallica’s music which is very hypocritical considering that the Beatles influenced music in a way that one cannot repeat again and the astute idea that, although not objectively affirmed, Metallica is a fantastic band and definitely are more critically adept in terms of music than Mr. Bieber can possibly be. What I find funny is the these mindless ‘Beliebers’ deem us to be jealous of Bieber’s minimal amount of talent even when completely unaware of the fact that music is a tool for rehabilitating sadness and vocalizing emotions, not for these ludicrous trends that these acts ingrain on the industry. I think the main problem here is that these tween\teen girls claim the more mature,proficient cliques to carry the same motive\incentive on life, even in spite of the fact that they only dwell as the perfect personification of the real problem with current mainstream. It only goes how far the mass can be brainwashed by media and fallacies.

  86. You guys no nothing about him Justin Bieber is better then what you guys give him credit for he is sweet, cute, and he cares about people he doesnt go around and talk crap about everyone like you guys

  87. Justin Bieber is suck… He’s even insult my country.. He’s just the worst singer ever… Even me and other can sing better… For his fangirls, what pain did he suffered? He just the pain in the ass… He hate anime, yes, coz anime’s more popular thn him… Face the reality.. Just fucking die already!

  88. Listen here you motherfucking beliebers, what kind of fucking suffering of JB are you talking about?
    2.About he ain’t evil or bullshit like that or he hasn’t harmed anybody and he hasn’t done anything to you, well guess what? The family that he killed with his own car thought they same too and then they died.
    So get out of you’re crazy mind and see the world around you dumb bitches.
    3.About the “You’re just jealous of him” read Point 29.
    4.All those ‘beliebers’ that think they are wise by saying proper english than rest of the beliebers, you’re points are invalid and you have already lost this argument.
    So stop fucking around and accept the mother fucking fact.

  89. First of all, candy I think that you omitted some words, I believe that you missed that HE was driving while he was like 16 and maybe piss drunk and KILLED ( not injured) a family.So shut the fuck up mate.

    Secondly, All those dumb 10 year old girls that are saying “OH YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF HIM”, read point 29# dumb bit***.

    Thirdly, what kind of ‘pain’ are you talking about beliebers? If you are saying that he was sent to court blah blah blah , then he brought that upon himself.

    So shut the **** up and look at the world around you.

  90. I forgot to add one more point.

    I don’t ‘hate’ JB but I don’t like him either….Am just sick of him.
    And am just pointing out the obvious facts here.
    I think the people who like Justin Bieber should stop sucking his ballsacks so much like its so fucking annoying.

  91. Nobody really hates JB they just want to be like him because he is so awesome. Therefore they are jealous and talk smack. Simple as that.

  92. It’s funny how all the gay beliebers can’t spell, and for all the people that think that JB is a good person watch Justin Bieber roast, Kevin hart was pointing out all the mistakes he did, and JB just laughed he doesn’t fucking care. And trust me JB doesn’t have a hard life, and if he does by chance, he made it hard for himself by taking drugs, racing his car…..well just being a total idiot


  94. Kids these days mostly their all teen girls that say they hate Justin but they secretly in love with him i mean common why even bother serfing the internet for Justin just to to post a “you can just go and die”. Why do Justin haters have so many postings on their social timelines either you obsessed or secretly in love

  95. I disagree because some of it is your opinion like saying he sings like a girl, looks like a girl, etc. Do you know how stereotypical you are being? How is a girl supposed to dress like? How is a girl supposed to sing like? I really don’t like this opinionated article and I think you should try NOT to state your opinion rather than facts. This article did look like time was put into but, I’m younger than you (trust me, I know) and I bet $100,000,000 that I could write a better article than you with only 5 facts. Editing is strongly suggested. Try harder next time.

  96. first of all we are called belibers not fans . and all the rubbish written in this is not true . he would newer heart anyone . he does not have a girlish face . you all are just jelous of him cause he is so dashing .

  97. Shut up please. This is no place for idiots. Very woman should dislike (I’m not saying hate but dislike) Justin for the way he acts to women. I understand that you may like Justin but seriously no one “loves” him. To fangirls, how do you like someone that cancer patients have to pay to see him. You could be dying and you would have to pay the bastard. I hope this is not what the world has come to today!

  98. All these retarded 8 year old JB fans who can’t spell are all either Mentally retarded or have brain tumers. Nice Job on the Article!

  99. @agirlwholikestocomment

    You know, when like about 70% of the people think that Justin Bieber is a girl and should kill HERself, then you know you can’t prove something right.

    Also, if you can write a better article with 5 facts as to why we should love and cuddle JB, please post it so that I can enhance my brain powers.

  100. I’m sure JB is a talented person. This article just testifies the fact you envy him. Maybe you don’t like his style of singing but he’s original. He has a lot of fans. Comparing to Beatles and Metallica is not a proof of a lack of talent. And tastes are different! I wish him success in his life!

  101. One thing about metal I learned is that the musicians put in a lot of effort to their music. Listen to Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail to the King”. I really love the riff Synyster Gates did in the beginning of the song. Same goes for A7X’s “The Stage”. Listen to “One” by Metallica. They read books and watch movies and they sing about them. Justin beebee is just a kid who sings about every girls he sees. He was also caught lip syncing when he threw up on stage. James Hetfield of Metallica sings very well. I saw metallica on stage last week at Soldier Field. They came out when it was dark outside. They didn’t even get tired during the show. It ended at 11:30 PM.

  102. I am a big metal fan I like Metallica and Megadeath but I am more into Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Dead by April, Disturbed, Black Veil Bribes, Slipknot, children of bodom, dragon force, and a lot of orchestral, symphonic, metal core, melodic instrumental metal, groove metal, rock metal and the best of all hard and heavy metal bands.
    Not a big fan of Death or Black metal. Simple Plan, All American Rejects and Backstreet Boys sing better than Justin Biber.

    • i dont personally like him but youve got a point
      its just that with the influence he has he can literally change the world coz ill tell you the most famous scientists and inventors in the world didnt have this much influence

      so why doesnt he

  103. Justin Bieber is a person, just like everyone else. He has feelings too. There has been rumours about Justin trying to overdose and not just one time. And that he has a depression. BUT no one gives a shit about that because all the can see his the bad things he does.
    He pees in a bucket, he did drugs, he drank alcohol, he wrote in Anne Franks diary and much more. He has such a bad influence on all his fans or whatever. What Justin Bieber has done is NOTHING compared to what other artists has done, like ozzy osborne for example. He ate a bat on stage, and people liked him even more for that. Isn’t that messed up?

    And there isn’t such a thing like “sounding like a girl”, he sings, he sounds like him. That’s it. Just let go of the stereotypes.

    AND did you that Justin build a school for some children? Or that he apologized to his fans for everything? He’s a person, if someone mocks him or makes fun of him, of course he gets mad and angry. If hundreds and hundreds of people judge him and bullies him, yes of course he wants to commit suicide. And of course he acts like a jerk if the people treats him like one. He’s a person.

    It ain’t harder than that. Just give him a damn break so he can become the person he wants to become, without all this hate and the bullshit you talk about. Like omg, he hasn’t a Grammy? That doesn’t really say that you’re not talented.

    And that he has criticized the Beatles and Metallica, that’s wrong right?
    Then what are you doing huh? Don’t criticize him? Don’t you hate him?
    That’s okay? That you guys can hate him? But he can’t dislike anyone else?
    Wooooe it’s even more messed up then I thought hahahahah

  104. I find it incredibly sad that people like you post hate speech on the Internet instead of finding better things to do to increase positivity around you and make the world a better place.

  105. I am a teenage girl and i think that JB is perhaps important to those who are his fans but why? Imean he isnt even aware of your mere existence and why would you love him if he doesnt care about you. so please young people of the world educate yourselves and make a real impact on the world

    my celebs are people who cahnged the way people think with proof and science and discovery and innovation not singing. i mean who cares about celebs and their love lives it just blocks my news feed and anyways his IQ is lower than mine.
    hes ridiculous and those who think theyll get married to him. well keep dreaming and let those who haven got their head in the clouds and are awake be succesful while you spend your life daydreaming and trying to look good and catch fame
    soz for the grammar, was in arush am normally known as the grammar queen and the madscientist

  106. also to the person who has called themselves hermione grainger you are a digrace to the whole harry potter world

    (draco malfoy-biggest harry potter fan)

  107. everybody who is saying were jealous are wrong coz i just wanna be a succesful scientist and i would never wish for anybody to end up like him


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