Attempt at Poetry [3] : Changes

********************************** Do you remember The cold and bleak December? When the caterpillar Transformed into a Butterfly. ********************************** Do you want to kill Against your will? The only light that lightened up My dark and bleak sky. ********************************** The beautiful canvas, colored crimson. That belonged to us for eternity. The clouds and stars we painted When […]


The Smoke That Chokes You to Death

Here’s a fun fact: One Cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. I’ve been in Mumbai¬†for almost a month now. I am staying as a Paying Guest in one fine society. Dinner is always a problem for me since I am a bachelor. I go out every night at 9 PM to fill my tummy. […]


An Old Lady and My Birthday Plans

Yesterday,¬†While travelling from Andheri Metro to Ghatkopar, I noticed an old lady. She was standing on the platform. Her face was wrinkled and it carried the marks of years of struggles. She was very skinny and could hardly stand. No one noticed her, she was just an old lady that people are used to seeing. […]