And He Accepted My Friend Request

Today, I did some packing as I will be moving to Mumbai soon. I kept myself occupied because I did not want to sit idle. I get sad when I am not doing anything. I do not know why but I have lost interest in everything. I do things but I do not know why I […]

new generation is pathetic

Things That Make Me Sad About the YoungGen

It’s been 2 months since I got Measles. I have lost 8 KGs to the disease and am yet to recover completely. I spent the last two months reading all sorts of books varying from Novels to Economics and Social Issues. I also spent time on Quora answering the questions I thought I could answer and […]


My LIC AAO Interview Experience

So I wrote this exam called “LIC AAO” and to be honest I was not expecting to clear the written exam. The paper was too easy and anyone could have attempted all the questions in Quants and Reasoning. GK and Computer were the real game changers. More than 10 Lakh candidates applied for 700 seats […]