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apple iphones 2019

Apple September 2019 Event : New iPhones, Watch and More

Apple has announced some new hardware and software for 2019. This is the first time Apple streamed the event live on YouTube and it broke some records with over a million people watching the live stream concurrently. Following are some of the major announcements. 1 – Apple Arcade A new subscription based game services which […]

iOS 13 feature

My Favourite 7 Features Coming to iOS 13

Apple recently unveiled the upcoming iOS 13 during WWDC. It will be Apple’s major OS update for the year 2019. As always, users will be able to download it after the September event. But Apple has released the Developer Beta for those interested in trying out the new features. And apart from the bugs, it […]

S10 and iPhone

Android vs iOS Debate : The Better OS

Smartphones have come a long way in the past 3 or 4 years. Pretty much every smartphone company is coming up with new phones every month. Some companies have run out of numbers to assign to their phones. In 2018 alone, around 1400 Million phones were shipped worldwide. There are dozens of smartphone makers churning […]

end game poster

Avengers : End Game Review – Almost Perfect

I finally watched the Biggest Movie spectacle of the decade – Avengers : End Game on an IMAX screen. End Game is the sequel to Infinity War, the last MCU film that did not end well for the Earth’s mightiest Superheroes and also the general public. It left Billions of people dead and the rest […]

roma image

My Top Ten Favourite Movies of 2018

1 – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [Persichetti, Ramsay, and ROTHMAN] Into the Spider-Verse is an animated film from Sony Pictures Animation. Surprisingly, it is the best Spider-man film, ever. Much better than all the live-action Spider-Man films we have seen. A film that rejuvenates the franchise. I am not saying that the new films starring […]

lord of the rings eagles plot hole

LOTR – Why Didn’t the Eagles Help the Fellowship

Lord of the Rings series is my favorite movie series of all time. It’s my favorite because it has affected me the most. I dreamt of elves and goblins for months after watching this masterpiece. This series features amazing cinematography, CGI, screenplay, direction, and acting. So pretty much everything about this series is great. I am […]

the turin horse opening scene

The Opening Shot of The Turin Horse : Poetry on Celluloid

I love films…a lot…I like watching and analyzing them. There are many things I keep in mind while rating a film – Acting, Direction, Screenplay, Production, and Sound being some of the most obvious ones. But Cinematography has always had a special place in my heart. I love it when a director’s vision is brought […]

uttarakhand tourism

A Poem About Uttarakhand

A state that has hilly terrains Complemented by awesome plains A state that has a valley of flowers, Where you can enjoy the solitude for hours. A state that has good forest cover, A state where the rivers are healthy A state that is still able to maintain, Its aesthetics and natural beauty A state […]


The Indian Stand-up Comedy Scene and Bollywood

Today, I am writing about something that makes me feel ashamed as an Indian. I am writing about people; not poor, middle-class people like you and me. I am talking about the upper-class, rich and privileged citizen of this country. People who can make things work. People who brainwash the masses. People disguised as motivational figures. […]

Eminem Kamikaze

Eminem Just Destroyed the Mumble-Rap Industry

After years of releasing not-so-good-albums and collaborating with Popstars he once hated, Eminem is back…and this time he means Business……He is here to prove that he is the GOAT. A Little Backstory Ever since I got into Rock and Metal, I stopped giving much time to other genres because they did not speak to me. […]

cancel tumor

Thoughts : Five Worst Kinds of Cancer in India

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian Brothers and Sisters…. Today, we are celebrating our 72nd Independence day. We have achieved a lot in 71 years and there is still a long way to go. I am sure our country will achieve great success in the near future. However, I also feel that there are […]